Ogechi And I Episode 31


That was just about it with Ck. Watching Ck and Mariana walk away together in that manner made me want to locate my prince as soon as possible. Where was he? I had prayed that he and I get together again soon. And when we do this time, I won’t let anything separate us again. 
I believe I’ve said enough already to you guys. I was supposed to tell you about my romance with my prince charming but I ended up telling you a whole lot more. I have to stop here before I tell you about my entire life. Thank you very much for listening, and I hope there isn’t anyone here from the press? Haha, just kidding. Now you’ve heard all you wanted to hear, can we now continue with the party?
Yaaayyyy, the listeners responded
Hmm, well, that was all Ogechi had to say for the night. I was impressed with the kind of life she had lived all through the years. There wasn’t any bad record, at least none that she spoke of except the very personal details which she refused to be discrete about. I had waited long enough to reunite with her and the opportunity finally presented itself. How do I go about it now with this disguised look? I asked myself. 
As everyone in the VIP section left to continue partying with the others, I stayed behind and sought for an opportunity to be alone with her when all the guests left so that I could reveal myself to her. But she left with the last of them. I followed behind her closely, seeking for an opportune time to talk to her, possibly in a secluded area of the house. But there were about five people with her and were heading outside where the party really booming. They all chanted her name the moment they set eyes on her and it seemed I was never going to get that opportune time I was waiting for. So I decided I was going to call on her in the presence of everyone and reveal myself if it got to that.
I was set to do it on three counts, so I started counting down from three, two, one, and then moved towards her. I had to squeeze myself to pass between the guests because their number was like that of the sand on the sea shore. I got very close to Ogechi and was like twelve feet away from her. Finally, I was going to reunite with my love and end this entire trauma. When I walked a little more close to her and was like five steps away, a man walked to her and greeted her, after which they started talking. I wasn’t ready to wait anymore for anyone to finish his or her speech with her before I approached her. If I wait, I might never get to her, so I walked all the way to her and joined those who surrounded her. 
They all turned to see who I was and none of them knew me. Ogechi looked at me and I said
 “hi” to her. 
“Hello” she responded 
“What can I do for you?” she asked.
 “I’d like to have a word with you in private” I said.
 “I’m sorry you can’t get that. As you can see, I have a lot of people to attend to, so I’ll let you have a word with me, but it’s going to be right here” she said. I agreed, and then she told me to give her a minute to be done with the man who walked in and started talking to her before I interrupted.
“I’m sorry for that” Ogechi said to the man. “I’m sure he’s one of my fans who wants to have a word with me and probably get an autograph.”
“That’s alright” the man replied her. “That’s what you get for being a star”
They all laughed, after which the man started talking about a music video Ogechi was about to shoot. I heard him tell her that the models were ready but that the pay for them was so high. From their discussion, I found out that Ogechi wanted to shoot a music video and needed very pretty models to feature in the video to boost the standard of the video. The models were ready according to the man, who I found was Ogechi’s manager, the very one she had been talking about all the while.
“You said the models are ready?” Ogechi asked her manager.
“Yes they are” he replied.
“Are they here?”
“No they aren’t. But their mistress is here. She’s here to negotiate the price for them. Are you ready for her now?”
“C’mon, you are my manager. That’s your job not mine. Go settle everything with her. We’ll do the rest the way we’ve been doing it all along.”
“She’s a top rated model, and demands to negotiate with the star singer herself. You know how you celebrities are sometimes, especially the ladies. I’ll just bring her in now.”
“Alright then.”
Ogechi’s manager left to bring in the top rated model in question and Ogechi seized that opportunity to attend to me, hoping to be done with me before the model came in. She took me to a table that hadn’t been taken by any guests and offered me a sit there, while she sat opposite me. That made me remember our first time out together, that was exactly the position we took on the table.
“So Mister, It’s nice to have you in my party. So what do you want to say to me? Ogechi asked me.
“Can we speak in private?” I asked again. “There’s something I want to show you”
I told you before Mr., you can’t speak to me in private. Say all you want to here. And make it fast because I’m seeing someone else right away. I wouldn’t want you to leave without having a word with me as you have requested to. So can you please get on with it now?”
I saw that Ogechi wasn’t going to give me the kind of audience I required, so I just proceeded to take off the afro hair I had on my head and the rest of the things I disguised myself with. But just after took off the black shades I covered my eyes with, Ogechi’s manager located us at the table with the so called top rated model. She was dressed in pink and was glowing as though she fell from heaven. Some people would have mistaken her for a heavenly being but I knew she was nothing more than a mere mortal. In fact, she was a lady, born of another lady. She was cute, adorable, light skinned and very attractive. To my utmost amazement, the top rated model was Cynthia. What???
“Oge, meet Cynthia, one of Regina’s top models. Cynthia, this is Oge the star singer from Nigeria.” Oge’s manager introduced.
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“Wow! What a coincidence” said Cynthia with a big smile. I’m from Nigeria too.
“Yeah, really”
“What part of Nigeria?” Oge asked.
“The Eastern part. Imo State to be precise.
Oh my goodness! You are my sister! I’m from the Eastern part of Nigeria too. Enugu State.
“Wow! Nice to meet you.
“Nice to meet you too”
They both exchanged pleasantries, after which Cynthia and Oge’s manager took their seats on that same table. I felt like disappearing. I was so shocked on seeing Cynthia there that I couldn’t move any part of my body again. It would have been better if it ended at just seeing her there. The fact that she and Ogechi had business to do with each other almost drove me nuts. And having gotten to know about their origin, their meeting certainly grew from a business meeting to a friendly visit. I couldn’t say a word again. My heart was pounding seriously and all I wanted to do at that moment was to leave their presence immediately. But I remembered again that I was disguised and couldn’t be recognized by either of them, so I kept my cool and hoped that Ogechi would dismiss me soon enough and focus on Cynthia, whose presence was of greater importance than mine. But she didn’t. Instead she started discussing with her without bothering about my presence on that table. After all, it was a party. I just sat there listening to them talk money and fame.
She and Cynthia got engaged in their talk about the music video that was to be shot and the models Cynthia was to make available for the video. It was about to 2am as at the time. Cynthia explained to Ogechi how she had to embark on a journey to Oklahoma without hesitation in such a short notice from Ogechi’s manager despite her tight schedule, stating to her that she did that because of the fat sum of money she was hoping to make from the business. But now that she had found out they were more like sisters, she was going to give her 20% discount. They soon concluded on business talk and proceeded to other personal talks like that. You know women nah.
Cynthia soon told Oge that she knew someone who can sing very well but is yet to come to limelight. She started talking to Ogechi about getting her and the person in question to work together. That was when Ogechi’s manager jumped in and started telling Cynthia how much it costs to feature Ogechi in a song. The talk continued until they all came to a term of agreement, after which Ogechi enquired to know a little about the supposed skilled singer. “His name is JB” Cynthia said. But I call him J for short. He’s my boyfriend. We’ve been together for two years now. I would have come along with him if he was around but he travelled to……………. That was when Cynthia suddenly remembered I told her I was travelling to Oklahoma. 
“You’re not gonna believe this.” Cynthia said somewhat surprise. “He’s here in Oklahoma.” He had a situation back at Regina where we live and decided to change environment for a little bit to try and get himself together. Barely 24 hours after he left, I got a call from your manager and here I am. What a coincidence. I bet he’ll be so surprise if he finds out I’m in Oklahoma too.
“From the way you’re sounding, seems like you guys are really into each other” Ogechi said.
“You can’t imagine how much” Cynthia replied. We barely stay apart from each other. As a matter of fact, this is about the only time we’ve been apart since we met. I think I better call him up and get him to meet you. You’ll be so impressed by his skills that you won’t want to do a single song with his voice in it.”
“Is he that good” Ogechi asked curiously.
“Yes he is” it’s almost like he’s obsessed about the whole thing. Besides just loving music and singers, he also goes ahead to follow every detail of them like he was a part of their lives. Sometimes I wish I was a singer too, that way I wouldn’t have to worry about contending for his attention with some female singers.”
“C’mon, don’t sound like that. From what you’re saying, he wouldn’t trade time with you for anything in the world, let alone a mere singer who he only gets to see on TV. For crying out loud you are a top rated model every man wants to be with according to what I’ve heard about you. I’d say he’s lucky to have you” Ogechi said.
“I really wish he wouldn’t trade time with me for anything in the world. Not quite long ago he left me when we were just about to spend quality time together to watch a TV interview featuring one singer the presenter called Oge.”
Cynthia’s countenance changed when she made that statement and it seemed as though she was trying to remember something.
“Wait a minute, you are Oge right? It was you!” It was you he left me to watch. Yes it was you that night. GRACIOUS HEAVENS!”
“Wait a minute. Are you sure?” Ogechi asked. “Think carefully. It could be someone else who looks like me”
“I’m sure.” It was you. He’s your fan I believe, though he’s never told me about you. But I believe he is, judging from the way he was so bent on watching your interview that night. Maybe he just discovered you and wants to get to know you better. 
Wow! Everything is just turning out so well. You and I coming together to do business only to discover we’re both from Eastern Nigeria, and now, my boyfriend who’s also a Nigerian happens to be your fan. Now you won’t have to charge me so much to do a song with him. He’s your brother as well.”
“Honestly, this whole thing is becoming like a drama to me. Your boyfriend is my fan and is from Nigeria? I bet he’s from the east as well, probably my village.” Ogechi said.
“Haha. That’s funny. Well he’s from the Niger Delta region. So what’s it gonna be? Are you doing a song with him or not.” Cynthia asked.
“I will, but on one condition. Slash your price for the models to be featured in my music video by another 20%, making the total discount 40%”
“Deal?” Ogechi asked
“Deal” Cynthia replied.
Cynthia brought out her phone with excitement and dialed a number. I didn’t know it was my number she dialed to break what she thought was good news to me. After she dialed the number, she said to Ogechi; Shhh, I wanna break the good news to him. And immediately, my phone rang. I trembled out of fright and immediately reached for trouser pocket, brought out my phone and rejected the call. Cynthia got the busy tone on her phone that moment it seemed to them like I brought out my phone and did something with it. They heard my phone ring. Ogechi and her manager didn’t notice anything unusual but Cynthia did. She noticed my sudden frightful reaction when my phone rang, and also got a busy tone the moment I brought out my phone and did whatever I did to it.
 She wasn’t sure what I did. Cynthia had her eyes fixed on me though she couldn’t recognize me, then she dialed the number again to see if my phone will ring again. I noticed and immediately stood up to leave, but the phone rang before I could do that, and I reached for it and rejected her call the second time. Again, she got the busy tone at that same moment. Cynthia suspected that something was not right. Immediately, Cynthia confronted me. “Hey mister, who are you?” she asked me.
To be continued.