Ogechi And I Episode 28


They say it is somewhat difficult to differentiate between a mad man and a drunk. But if you saw me that day in the shower after I realized the call was on all the while, you would probably make soundness out of a mad man and consider a drunk blessed. I went GAGA! I was crazier than crazy itself. For crying out loud the call had been on while I was bathing and Ck was at the other end viewing. D–n it! I quickly rushed to the Ipad to end the call and save myself anymore embarrassments.
 I noticed something. It was supposed to be a video call but Ck’s face was stuck to the screen motionless. He wasn’t blinking, he wasn’t moving, and neither was he talking. It struck me that it was a network issue. The network had gone bad at some point, but at what point? Was it before or after I heard him speak? I refused to end the call but instead, I quickly grabbed my towel and covered my bare body, and then tried to see if I could communicate with him. I didn’t do that because I really wanted to talk but wanted to be sure whether or not the network had issues or it was something else. 
My heart beat started drumming irreconcilably as I leaned on the wall of the bathroom, wondering how Ck could act that irresponsibly by taking advantage of the scenario to watch me bath. I felt violated. But I wasn’t sure if he actually did it or not. There was only one way to find out, and that was confronting him. Not on the phone but face to face, and that only meant GOING TO AMERICA.
Ck however called back later that day and we got talking. I waited to see if he was going to say anything towards that direction before I exploded. I didn’t want to make mention of it first to avoid embarrassing him in case he hadn’t done what I suspected he did.
 He talked to me like we never had any issues in the past and even apologized for ill-treating me after I turned down his proposal. He said so many nice things to me but acted like one who had not done what I thought he did. Or was he just pretending? I also tried to act like everything was alright but was hoping he would try to flirt so that I would bring up the bathroom topic and confirm my suspicion to be true or false. Ck didn’t say anything stupid. All he said made sense overly. He then asked me to come back to America since my Prince Charming wasn’t with me at the moment. He didn’t make it sound like I got dumped but rather, like Prince Charming went on a journey to be home soon. For the first time, someone actually addressed the issue politely.
I had told my manager I was going to think about it when he told me to come back to America, but as soon as Ck proposed that, I consented without a second thought. After all, that was the surest way to find out if Ck actually watched my bath when he Skyped me.
 He broke the news of my coming to the folks there and they all thought I had developed a thing for Ck to have consented immediately when he asked me to come over unlike I did to my manager, coupled with the fact that my Prince whom I came back for supposedly dumped me and left for America. That was what they all thought, even though they never voiced it out to prevent misunderstandings
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I got my stuff ready and headed to America in no distant time and was warmly received right from the moment I arrived at the airport. Everything I was entitled to was restored before I arrived, so I just walked in and continued from where I stopped. My one million dollar contract was renewed and the whole celebrity thing escalated to the next level.
 Though everything had returned to normal, my primary purpose was to find out the truth about Ck, regarding the bathroom incident. We got close to each other again and started hanging out like we used to. The speculations about us dating continued. I didn’t care what anyone said or did until my mission was accomplished. I monitored Ck seriously to dictate any words or moves that could be linked to the bathroom event but couldn’t find one. It seemed the network had prevented him from seeing anything. As much as I wanted to believe that, I had to be really sure. But what on earth do I do to be really sure? I didn’t find an answer to that question. All I had to do was keep hanging out with him and playing dumb until the truth was unveiled, if there was such truth to be unveiled.
Having hung out with Ck long enough, I forgot why I let myself cling to him like a soul mate. He turned out to be more of a gentleman than I knew him to be. Was he trying to impress me or had he really become a better man than before? He wasn’t some sort of bad guy though; it was more like a saint becoming an angel. His speech was tender. His approach towards things wasn’t aggressive in any way; he never pushed me into making any quick decisions about us, though he was working really hard to win my heart. 
I can’t explain what got a hold of me that I suddenly appreciated everything about Ck and opened up my heart to him. Prince Charming was still in my heart but my love for him became the words I feared to speak, the noise I couldn’t hear, the existence I feared to imagine, the memory that hid but never left, and the reason I purged frightfully. Ck never knew the turns of the tables in my heart, and it was a good thing he didn’t.
With the wisdom of a serpent Ck handled everything he did with me. I’m sure he was trying to secure for himself a throne in my heart before declaring his intention to ascend it. Then I wouldn’t have much of a choice than to usher him in as the king of my heart. In order to make sure he left no stone unturned, he procrastinated. Ignorant of the fact that his prey had no intentions of escaping his claws anymore he spent too much time intensifying his attack. I guess he wasn’t ready to record a failed proposal again. But was he truly in love with me or was he doing it for the sake of image? 
You know how it is when a superstars marry each other, like the Jay-Z and Beyoncé thing. Well, I wasn’t ready to find out in a hurry. I just wanted to continue with the euphoria. Everything was perfect from inside out except the memories of Prince Charming that never stopped popping up from time to time in my head, leaving me with feelings of guilt afterwards. But I hardened my heart whenever I remembered how he left me at the airport and his refusal to contact me for that long. I always tried to do away with those feelings by justifying my actions with baseless allegations against my Prince Charming. It normally worked anyway, but not for long. I could never forget him no matter how hard I tried. I guess our souls had been tied together. Whatever love is, it is most incomprehensible.
However, I continued my romance with Ck. I had starved myself of those sweet words of a man that makes me feel supreme. The care and attention that makes me try to measure up with royalty. The touch that sets off a chain reaction within me, the embrace that makes me feel more secure than the United States president inside the White House. I needed those, and the only available human being on the face of the earth who could make that happen was Ck. My Prince Charming was somewhere in America, probably moving on with his life. I had to move on with mine too. And if we were meant for each other, we’ll find ourselves back in our arms. Those were the thoughts that permitted me to forge ahead with my supposed romance with Ck.
Ck’s procrastination on coming out plain with me made me uncomfortable. He was taking longer than necessary to hit the nail on the head, although I had made my forced feelings towards him apparent enough. Ck eventually dropped the bomb and I jumped on it like one who was desperate for a man. Things between us were so rosy that I felt accomplished and complete. That didn’t mean I had the ability to object to anything Prince Charming proposed if he happened to be in the future. I just had to go on with life because being a singer wasn’t the only dream I had. I also wanted to be a good wife and a lovely mother.
 I had lost all contact with Prince Charming and only hoped that fate would bring us together if we were meant to be before anything happened that could prevent our future together forever.
One day I got a message from an anonymous sender while in a cinema with Ck. I flipped open my phone to read, turned out it was video message. I clicked to download, and when that was done successfully I played it. You won’t believe this. It was the video of me having my bath. It was a good thing the movie at the cinema captivated Ck and the lady on my left so much that they didn’t notice what I was playing on my phone, as their attention was on the movie. I shut it off and inserted the phone into my purse immediately. I looked at Ck, his rapt attention was on the movie. I excused myself and went to the convenience to get a full view of the video. It was exactly what happened the day Ck called while I was in the bathroom. The video went on till the very moment I ended the call. It wasn’t network. It was Ck who actually called. But who was the anonymous sender of the video? And why was he/she sending it to me?
To be continued.