The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 37


I just had to compose and calmed myself from that awkward moment, the feeling was hard but I had to be a man as he is also a man.
Vincent: Victor? Victor? Victor!
Me: Yea… yes?
Vincent: What’s up with you bro? What have you been thinking of that you couldn’t even hear your name?
Me: Nothing… just uhmmm… nothing really
Vincent: My father is here to see you, and where is Mirabel? He will need to see her too
Me: I dunno, she left here briefly and hasn’t come back yet. I think she’d be somewhere around
Vincent: Alright, let’s go look for her Frank; we’ll be right back
Me: Ok
That’s how they left me alone to face Mr. President… {O.M.O – On My Own}. I waited for almost 10 minutes before the door finally got opened by two high ranking army officers paving way for the President himself, His Vice and some other Government officials and some reporters as well.
There standing in front of me, the number one citizen of the Giant of Africa’s Nigeria.
Mr. President: Victor
Me: Good morning sir
Mr. President: How are you? **Offering me his hand**
Me: Fine sir **Shook hands with him**
Mr. President: I heard everything that happened, so I came personally to thank you for your support in rescuing my daughter.
Me: It’s nothing sir, just helped a good friend
Mr. President: How can you say it’s nothing when you took a bullet in the process? You did very well Victor; God bless you
Me: Thank you sir
Mr. President: Your Parents must be very proud of you. Are you a student?
Me: Yes sir
Mr. President: Where?
Me: The University of Abuja, final year
Mr. President: That’s good, what are you studying?
Me: Business Administration sir
Mr. President: Ok **Smiling** we’ll talk more when you get discharged from here; I had to visit you here for it wouldn’t be nice of me if I don’t visit the person that took a bullet in the process of rescuing my daughter
Me: Thank you sir
Mr. President: I heard she’s been here ever since
Me: Yes sir
Mr. President: Where is she? I haven’t seen her yet
Me: Sh…
Mirabel: I’m here Dad
**The President turned around and saw his Daughter. I felt relaxed too, because she came back**
After hugging her Father, she came and sat down beside me with her right hand around my shoulders. The position made me uncomfortable but I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. No doubt everyone present in the room will know something is going on. They talked for a while; the reporters asked the President some questions of which he replied back. They also asked me some questions of which I gave my best in answering them. I’ll be seen on national TV today, big boy. The President told Mirabel to bring me to the house when I’m well enough before he left with his entourage after they all shook hands with me. Mirabel escorted her Father out of the ward or so I thought because she didn’t come back. Both my Parents came in smiling few minutes after the President left.
Dad: The President shook hands with us when he heard that we’re your Parents. My son is great, I’m so proud of you
**Believe me when I say I’ve never in my life seen my Father this happy**
Momma: He even invited us to the Presidential villa
Dad: What’s really between you and that girl?
Me: She’s my girlfriend **No need to lie, I’m no longer a kid. I should be getting married in the next two to three years**
Dad: As in dating?
Me: Yes sir, we’re actually in a courtship
Dad: Without the knowledge of your mother and i?
Me: She knows
Dad: Who?
Momma: Me
Dad: What? When did you plan to tell me?
Me: I planned on bringing her home after we finish school
Dad: But that’s not what we agreed on
Momma: Daddy leave the young man alone, it’s enough that I already know about their relationship
Dad: This is the President’s daughter we’re talking about, what if something had happened; would you have handled it alone?
Momma: **Laughs** since when did you start losing your trust in me? You should know I’ll never put my children on harm’s way. Mirabel’s mother and I have been good friends since we both approved their relationship
Dad: Even the first lady knows? What about the President? Does he know about it too?
Momma: Not yet, but I’m sure he’ll soon know the way things are right now.
Dad: But how could Dorothy do this kind of thing? I thought she was a good girl
Momma: I still find it hard to believe. And she always asks of Victor when she was in Abuja and Victor in school. I spoke with her mother the day before yesterday and she was fragmented and broken.
*The Doctor and Nurse Norah walks in greeted my Parents and examine me. He brought down the drip and changed the bandage*
Doctor: You can give him something to eat; I will discharge him later in the evening
Momma: Thank you Doctor
Dad: Doctor thank you
**I noticed how Nurse Norah was staring at me**
The Doctor left the room while the Nurse followed after she winked at me.
Momma asked what I’d like to eat, I told her to get me any snack and drink. My Dad was talking to me but I wasn’t paying attention. I needed to speak with Mirabel before I leave the clinic. She’s definitely still mad at me even though she acted cool when her Dad was around.
I waited for Mirabel till in the afternoon to come but she didn’t show up.
*Vincent later walked in*
Me: Mirabel went home?
Vincent: No, she’s in Lola’s ward
Me: Ok she’s awake?
Vincent: Lola is dead
Me: Oh no!
*I was touched, I really felt it that I didn’t know when tears pour down my cheeks*