P.O.Box #5
Dear Rachelle, 
I trust God has been faithful to you as always, and your boyfriend has also become the best in the world? I sit behind my laptop this afternoon with 5 articles to write on “black ink tattoos, hand tattoos for girls, Las Vegas tattoo shops, motivational fitness quotes and top management consulting firms in the uk” but it just occurred to me I owe you a piece. 
Rachel, the last time you wrote to me, you made it clear you don’t see any reason why you should partake in the upcoming general elections. If I comprehended very well, then by implication,  you meant the Universal Adult Suffrage our legislators and the judicial body fought for, was bullshit. My objective today, is not to convince you to vote for Party A or B, but to give you a reason to vote. 
I must say Voting is not a requirement but it’s a responsibility. With a government elected by its citizens and that affects every aspect of our lives from education to health care, Agriculture, Sports, Security, Industry, Mining, Service and commerce, Technology, and Energy. Voting is your right!  By voting you re making your voice heard and registering your opinion on how you think the government should operate. 
In Ghana, most electorates are more affiliated to parties than patriotic. You would often hear and see affiliates fighting and defending their political parties, leaving a minute insignificant percentage to wrestle on Ghana’s behalf. This is where you and I come in. 
We are the ones to read and analyze manifestos and make the right decisions as patriotic citizens of Ghana. Let’s make the best decision for our grandfathers and grandmothers in the countryside who don’t know what inflation,demand and supply elasticity, depreciation etc mean . Our circle and Tudu neighbors who vote because they are from Ho or Kumasi. Our Zongo communities who are given just 20gh and 50gh and their minds are bought. 
Rachel,  I must confess, I have never voted before. I used to share same opinion as yours. Honestly I hate queues in all aspects of my life. I hate queuing to buy food, to withdraw or deposit at the bank, queuing to catch a commercial vehicle, so I didn’t see a reason why I should queue to vote, until I started being current with current affairs. I emancipated myself from the prison of my own mind. In the past four years, I have researched and found that the reasons why people vote in Ghana has no bearing with the party’s manifesto – this is suicidal for our country’s development. That is why we are still where we are today. People vote because a candidate is handsome,  a candidate is short, a candidate is “ny3 bro”(my tribal brother). Others vote because their parents dragged them to the polling station to follow their choices too.
My dear Rachel, you should know the only time you have power over the politician is during elections. And if you think a decision or policy from your president or leaders in general won’t have any effect on you, then u are mistaking. With Ghana, our presidential system of democracy,  gives so much power to the executive or the president. He appoints ministers, justices of the Supreme Court, attorney general, IGP, and even DCE’s. This means that if an idiot finds his or her way up into the flagstaff house by means of popular votes , the nation is doomed because there is cause and effect in any event.you can call it action and reaction – regardless, I assure you a stupid person is surrounded by stupid persons. 
How do you punish an elected leader who fails to meet expectations? Answer – you vote him or her out of office.
How do you reward a leader who has been so remarkable and delight in his or her dealings? Answer- you give him or her another chance through ur vote.
In that case, you will have the moral right to Criticize, complain or appraise when the need be.
Let me conclude by saying, Somewhere on this part of the planet, women do not own voting rights and they are yearning for it desperately, so if you are fortunate to have it, do well to make good use of it. Exercise your franchise as a patriotic citizen.
Finally, it goes without saying that “Every vote counts” and as I said in my earlier comments, I’m not here to tell you whom to vote for but why you should vote. Nonetheless,  if you think you can’t make your choice and you want my expert opinion, feel free to indicate that in your reply. 
My regards to Pobstarian #5 roommates…
Yours favorite uncle, 
Kwame Ernest