Ogechi And I Episode 16


After much effort to provoke negative inspirations, only sensible thoughts crossed my mind, and I ended up remembering Ogechi, who seemed to have forgotten me. When I got it up to my neck I left for the sitting room and continued watching TV. Just then, a replay of a TV broadcast featuring TV stars of all sorts was put on air. That was my kind of program. I loved it more than the football fans love football. I sat back and watched. I was still aspiring to get there, so I wouldn’t miss anything that could mold me to fit in.
A lot of stars came on set, most of which I knew. Next thing I heard was Ogechi’s name being called by the presenter to come on set. I couldn’t believe my ears. I watched to see if she was the Ogechi I knew. Lo and behold, she was her. She was interviewed and I could hear her talk about me in parables. As a matter of fact, when she was asked what inspired her to embrace music, she answered saying; a handsome prince charming never stopped pushing me to do the things I lacked the courage to do. And I’m here now as a result of that. The phone line was open to callers and fans. I rushed to get my phone and call the number on the screen but remembered the program was just a replay. However, I saved the number. The date for the next live program featuring Ogechi was announced and I stored it in my head, looking forward to it. The program ended and I left to my room and retired for the day. That night, I dreamed of Ogechi.
The next morning I woke up to meet breakfast in bed. That never happened before since I started living with Cynthia. ‘Who did this?’ I wondered.
 ‘Maybe one of Cynthia’s cooks has a crush on me’ I concluded. I waved those thoughts away and consumed the breakfast without brushing my teeth. While I was eating, Cynthia came into my room to check on me.
‘Good morning miss’ I greeted.
‘Morning J. How’s the day going?’
‘Pretty cool’ I replied. One of your cooks made me breakfast in bed. Can you imagine that? I wonder how she knew I really needed a woman to do this for me. Maybe there’s a connection between us’ I said.
‘Really? Do you want me to find out who did? She asked.
‘Oh no. I objected. Not now. When I’m ready to go back to Nigeria, I’ll find out who she is and take her to mama’ I said, as a joke.
‘Would you really do that for this girl?’ Cynthia asked seriously.
‘Of course’ I replied, still joking.
‘Okay then’ Cynthia said. Until you’re ready to go back to Nigeria. But that won’t be anytime soon. Everything is now ready for you to begin your Master’s Degree program. I wanted to tell you all about it today in order to make your day a pleasant one. That’s why I made you breakfast in bed to prepare your heart for this news. It appears the breakfast accomplished more than it was intended for’ she said, rolling her eyes and smiling at me romantically as she left the room.
I was dump founded afterwards. It was Cynthia who made me breakfast in bed! Na Cynthia I want carry go show my mama? Omor see gogbe oo! She was five years older than me for crying out loud. Did I just tell her I was taking her home to mum? Oh no, that was just a joke. I hope she knows. But on the other hand, this girl has tried for me oo. She single handedly paid for all my travel documents and sponsored my trip abroad, connected me to music producers and movie directors whom I was working with from the background pending when time and chance will lunch me in. She has provided me with the good life I’ve always desired, and made necessary arrangements for me to further my education abroad. From the look of things, she’s also willing to give me….. GIVE ME WHAT? Wetin I dey think sef! I shook my head and dismissed that last thought. I rejoiced greatly over the news she brought to me. I called my mother and a few people at home and enlightened them on the development of things.
I began my Master’s Degree Program after nearly six months of coming to America. I was going to be through with it in eighteen months’ time. Cynthia kept providing me with all my needs cheerfully. At a point I got really curious about Cynthia’s source of wealth because she was spending money extravagantly. At least it appeared extravagant to me. I wouldn’t know if she considered her way of spending extravagant. I summoned her one day and started enquiring. She told me she was just a fortunate girl. 
She was into modeling in Nigeria before she relocated abroad. In her early years as a model she was required to go nude on a magazine cover. She was to be paid good money for that appearance. Being from a humble background she could not say no to such offer, adding to the fact that she had to do it if she wanted to progress in her career as a model. So she decided to do it since her name did not ring a bell then. No one would know who she was. Amazingly, the magazine got so famous and found its way to the hands of a CEO of an American modeling company who loved her body so much. Every Nigerian who saw that magazine was so eager to know who the girl on the magazine cover was. Many people criticized her while others gave her thumbs up.
So many castigations came to her and she couldn’t take it anymore. Though she had gotten rich, her image was at stake. Luckily for her, the American CEO of a modeling company who saw the magazine and loved her body reached out to her and asked her to come over to America and continue her career in his company. That was the best and only option for her if she wanted to escape the persecution her action had drawn to her.
 She immediately consented and left for America. The controversy continued in Nigeria after she left but there were no proofs to back up any accusation labeled against her as no one knew who she was. They only had her name but could not get to her. The Nigerian press followed her diligently to get a picture or video of her modeling for the American modeling company she worked with. But Cynthia was a smart girl. Igbo girls no dey carry last nah.
She changed her looks as soon as she reached America. She never went on TV without disguising herself with excessive makeup and Brazilian hair that even her colleagues in Nigeria couldn’t recognize her when they saw a picture of her. Cynthia so disguised herself that no one who knew her before was able to identify her in her new look. Only the press who traveled abroad to get the picture knew that Cynthia was the one hiding behind her make up.
Soon enough, the reign of that Nigerian magazine that made Cynthia abscond was over and no one talked about Cynthia or the magazine anymore. Even at that, Cynthia refused coming back to Nigeria again except on a visit to her parents, and that she did secretly. She didn’t want anything that would resurrect that dead memory.
After modeling in America for five years she became a millionaire in dollars. She even became part of the management team in the modeling company and wasn’t modeling again. That’s how she got all those connections with the American stars. She made it clear to me that she never wanted to go back to Nigeria again. She was going to live in America till death. 
As a female child, she belonged to whoever married her so she had no business at home anymore. About her marriage she explained that she didn’t want to marry a white man. She wanted to marry a Nigerian man based in America. And since she couldn’t find a serious American based Nigerian man, she remained unmarried till she turned 32 years, even though she looked 23. As a model, she knew what to do to keep looking younger by the day, and she had the money to make sure of that. She was determined to wait until her desired Nigerian man came. Hmmm, EVERYONE WITH HIS OR HER OWN STORY OO!
I was clarified on Cynthia’s source of wealth but was terrified on some other of her issues. After she told me everything, I felt sorry for her. She was afraid of going back home because of that involuntary action of hers that was instigated by someone who neither shared the shame or the pain. Anyone who doesn’t hear her side of the story would consider her an indecent and ambitious girl. But I knew better than to call her names. In fact, she’s an amazing girl, kind hearted and philanthropic. Beautiful, tender, soft, curvy, brown eyed and with excellent dancing skills. Chai! I remember the night she paid a visit to my room in China with dance moves that nearly suffocated me in a fully air-conditioned room. I started recalling all the wonderful things I noticed about Cynthia and even began to compare between her and Ogechi.
I compared and found it very difficult to say who among them was to die for. But wait oo, what is wrong with me? Ogechi is my girlfriend for goodness’ sake. I’m not supposed to compare her with anybody. Wait a minute, did I say my girlfriend? D–n it! She’s miles and miles away from me and we don’t even communicate. 
On the other hand, Cynthia is here with me, just that she’s not my girlfriend. She could be if I want her to. Am I sure of that? Does she even like me? Come on, she made me breakfast in bed. I must be stupid. Even if she likes me, I wouldn’t want to date a girl five years older than me. Not like I’m going to marry her anyway. I could just date her until I’m done with my Masters’ Degree Program. No oo, I have no intentions of using and dumping anybody. If I get myself into any relationship, it must be a serious one that could lead to marriage if God wills, and I can’t marry a girl older than me even with one month. But wait oo, why am I thinking all these? Am I falling for Cynthia?
To be continued.