The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 35



“Ask and it shall be given to you”. Our earthly Parents may know what we need but they’d expect you to tell them by yourself what you really want. We all know that GOD is our FATHER and HE knows our various heart desires; He expects us to have it in mind that HE’s always there for us and for us to ask HIM for our needs.
There is nothing neither too big nor too small to ask our GOD. HE is always there for us only if we could go to HIM. HE is our ALL SUFFICIENT GOD! And always remember to thank HIM for everything. How would you feel if you did someone a favour and he/she refused to say ‘Thank You’?
I started hearing gunshots from outside; I didn’t know what to do because I was tied down and I can’t call for help, who will I call when I don’t really know what was going on?
I struggled to throw myself down but I couldn’t; I started praying slowly while facing the entrance door. Just then Lola burst in.
Me: Lola? **Surprised** what are you doing here?
Lola: Came to rescue your a$$, where is Mirabel?
Me: I dunno where they’re keeping her
Lola: **untying me** we need to find her before Dorothy and her full gang gets here
Me: Ok but how did you know we’re here?
Lola: Now is not the time to talk about that, we need to leave this place as soon as we get Mirabel
(She untied me)
Me: Thanks Lola
Lola: You can thank me when we leave this place in peace. Now that I’ve found you, I need to call Mirabel’s mother for reinforcement because we’re no match for Dorothy’s gang. But the problem is how will they trace us?
Me: Where is your phone?
Lola: Here… **Handed her phone to me** Lemme go look for Mirabel
Me: Ok
I wanted to call Ike but I dunno his number off-hand not even Vincent or Frank’s. Then I dialed Nancy’s number since she’s been freed but it was switched off. I swiftly scrolled through her contact list in search of the first lady’s number; I dialed it as soon as I found it. She picked the phone…
Me: Hello? It’s Victor Ma
First lady: Victor what happened to you? Where have you been? And why’d you call me with Lola’s cell phone?
Me: Please send me Frank’s number ma. It’s urgent
First lady: Urgent? Where are you?
Me: Ma this is extremely urgent; please send me Frank or Vincent’s number I need it very badly to get myself and Mirabel out from here
First lady: Ok Ok… give me a minute
Me: Please hurry up Ma or better still, just send this number to them. Tell them to track it and get to the location as soon as possible with the Police or the Army
First lady: Ok alright I’ll do that right away
*She hangs up*
I put the phone on silent and hid it somewhere in the room then I walked out of the room to see what’s going on outside. On stepping out, I saw the lifeless body of those two guys that came into the room with Dorothy of which one of them knocked me down when I tried to follow Dorothy. I picked up one of their gun (a rifle) in case of anything.
Mirabel: Victor!
*I turned around and saw Mirabel with Cynthia*
-She ran towards me and hugged me very tight while I did the same-
Mirabel: Oh my God… thank God you’re alive! I thought you died, I mean I saw your dead. They brought your body to me and you were dead **crying**
Me: They faked it, I’m not dead
Mirabel: What happened? Where did they keep you?
Me: They tied me down on a chair in that room **Pointing the room** so what happened to you? Where is Marcus?
Lola: Here…
**We saw Lola coming with three other girls and Marcus with his hands tied together **
I left Mirabel immediately and ran towards Marcus and beat him up
Lola: Victor that’s enough, we need to get going now
(They had to dragged me off him before I could let him go)
Lola: The car is parked somewhere along the way, so we need to get there fast because it’s not too close
While getting out of the building, Lola and Cynthia with Marcus were behind us while I and Mirabel were in the middle as the other three girls take the lead ahead of us. So I couldn’t help but ask Mirabel something that has been bothering me.
Me: Did he touch you?
Mirabel: Who?
Me: Marcus
Mirabel: **Speechless and uncomfortable**
Me: Talk to me, did he sleep with you?
Mirabel: We will talk about everything that happened here when we get home
Me: I don’t want you to say everything; I just want a yes or no
At that point, we were on verge of stepping out of the building before we heard gunshots killing the girls who were already out of the building so we ran back into the building to take refuge
Lola: Dorothy is here!
Cynthia: What do we do now?
Marcus: Surrender
Me: Shut up!
Marcus: You can’t escape now
Me: How about I blow your head off?
Marcus: I will have nothing to lose
Dorothy: **From outside** Lola! You’re outstripped! I give you all 50 seconds to come out and surrender or we will shoot aimlessly at you till you all die. 1…2….3…..4…….
Marcus: Your time is budging very fast
Me: You shut your mouth up!
Mirabel: What are we going to do now?
Dorothy: 29…30….31…
Lola: Let’s go
Me: I will take the lead
Mirabel: Are you sure?
Me: Yea let’s go
I dragged Marcus with me as I take the lead out of the building to Dorothy.
Dorothy: Drop any weapon you have on you
**Lola and Cynthia unharmed themselves; I already dropped the gun I had with me inside**
Dorothy: Go check them and take the guns**Ordering her guys**
Guy 1: Clear
Dorothy: **Came closer and stood face to face with Lola** Remember me?
Lola: Yea you’re that b!tch I ditched off some time ago
Dorothy: Really? Good thing you remember and I hope your guts save you today. Now let Marcus go
*I hesitated*
Dorothy: Let him go now! **Pointing gun at us**
*I let go of him; immediately he punched my stomach two times. Mirabel screamed out. I thought Dorothy would scold him for punching me but she didn’t. Instead, she shot him three times in the chest *
Dorothy: You ba$tard! I warned you **referring to Marcus**. Now move inside all of you
**We went inside the building and stayed in the bigger room**
Dorothy: Victor come here
Me: **Refused to move**
Dorothy: come here!
Me: No!
**The next thing I heard was pow! She shot Lola in the chest**
Mirabel: **Screamed** Lola!
**I saw Lola on the ground with blood spilling down from her mouth and her body where she was shot**
Dorothy: I’m not playing around Victor; come to my side
Me: You crazy b!tch! (I ran towards her with rage to harm her)
Dorothy: Victor! **Pow**
Me: Ah! **she shot me at the left side of my chest; I fell down**
Mirabel: Oh my God! Victor!
Dorothy: **Shocked** what have I done?
**Just then we started hearing serious gunshots outside; more like a gun battle this time**
Cynthia: (Peeping through the window) the army is here
Dorothy was still standing dumb; still in shock when Cynthia stunned her with a hit and pinned her down so she won’t escape while Mirabel was telling me to hold on and be strong that help is here.
The military came into the building and took over it. One of them said ‘clear’ then Ike and Frank came in to identify the victims. They pointed us excluding Dorothy so the military arrest her and immediately took us out for medical attention.