10 lessons school taught me about life


For the ‘not-too-dadabees’ like some of us, primary school probably was one of the best experiences we ever had.
We couldn’t afford the international schools but our schools were international on its own. We had the white-look-alikes (bleached folks), Negroes (chocolate-skinned) and others.
Let me share with you lessons from this experience. I know you’ll identify with them.
1. Remember the guy who studied more than even the teacher… yet after class tests and exams, he would always be third… from the bottom?
Morale >>> In life, efforts don’t matter. What matters is results!
2. Do you still remember the guy who was responsible for all the awful farts and comic reliefs in class… yet still had all the ‘fresh girls’ fawning over him?
Morale >>> The happiest of people are not the ‘too-serious’ ones. They are the ones with a sense of humor, creating happiness for themselves… no matter what. Choose to be happy.
3. When you did anything wrong at home and you were reported at assembly, the teacher would call “4 strong boys!” You knew exactly what was next.
Morale >>> Bad deeds get punished… no matter how long it would take. Wherever you find yourself, be good.
4.The anti-social ones who always walked alone suffered most during class tests/exams. They perished in their mistakes because they couldn’t ask!
Morale >>> Make friends. Network. No man is an island. For God to bless you, He will still do it through another man!
5.The tallest dude became the blackboard cleaner. And… his hands and school uniform were always dirty.
Morale >>> In life, your gifts/talents can sometimes be to your disadvantage. Watch it.
6. Getting your school fees paid first didn’t mean you would be first in class.
Morale >>> Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth is not a guarantee for success. If you want to be successful, work for it!
7. The teacher won’t accept names of talkatives [talkers] as long as it didn’t include one particular person… who often was a bully.
Morale >>> A good name is better than riches. If you are always known for the wrong reasons, no one would believe it even when you do good.
8. The prettiest girl in class always received the least lashes. The ugliest received the pretty hottest lashes… with insults as bonus.
Morale >>> In life, some people will always be favored… and others always disfavoured. Life is not fair but still stand firm!
9. Who still remembers those ‘nine-day-wonder’ love birds who broke up because of Malt and Milk biscuits?
Morale >>> If you marry for petty reasons, you will divorce for those same petty reasons!
10. I guess you still remember that dude who will just wait for you to buy something… and then he appears from nowhere, “After you.”
Morale >>> In life, some friends so-called are around us just because of WHAT WE HAVE… not because of who we are. Be careful of such.