Birthday Exaltations - Joana
I was just walking at school, and I saw this girl got off the train… Oh Nope, I met her in class and besides, there are no trains in Legon either…lol. Ok, so it all began on our 1st day in a Russian class: a course I thought none of us in the class had passion for, until this beautiful and sweet girl started asking questions from a background research she had done on the language which apparently was so alien to us. Oh damn! She was pretty! her juicy eyes were like Istanbul salad. From there, I knew her tears were gonna taste like Copenhagen cocktail. If you didn’t get it, I just implied, she looked like a 5-STAR restaurant. I am deep, you know? Her beauty was conspicuous to all except d visually impaired. Indeed, I was moved and so was King Gee, the oldest dude in the class. If she had any plans for attention that day, then I confess, she got it.
As a young champ growing up with just a brother and no female sibling, as well as worsening my case by attending a single-sex school, I lacked the very best mechanisms to approach d opposite sex. After consulting an expert, I decided to use the “group studies” approach. An approach which had a 95% success rate. So one mid-morning after class, I asked her if we could be study partners. And she gave an answer I hadn’t prepared for – “I will think about it”….This response crippled my heart because I felt she made it seem as if I was proposing. Honestly, that was my long term plan anyway but not immediate. I felt embarrassed and that influenced my decision to learn Russian everyday. In less than three weeks, the impact began to manifest in my class contributions and compliments kept coming from all lecturers who handled the various courses. In no time, “she” assessed and concluded I wasn’t bad myself. She walked to me one day and said to me “Ernest, when are we drawing the time table for the group studies?” … Learning with her was fun. She became a reason for me to learn harder. I attribute my success in the course to her. (1st sem-A & 2nd sem-A, n so did she). She helped me to become if not the best, then among the very top 3% in the class. Our learning collaboration impacted positively on our general academic performance.
Our enviable friendship tiptoed from academics to personal. We sat together in class, ate together, learnt together and you would always see me seated in her Toyota Corolla to and fro lectures. She started using the car in level 200. Just so you know, I didn’t approach with a gold digging intention. As a matter of fact, I underestimated her worth due to her simplicity. Her clothes were not grade 1 and she held a normal phone. In the beginning stages of our friendship, I used to shower her with gifts, pay for her taxi fares and foot her lunch bills. Of course I felt something for her. All these philanthropic works which was induced by hidden feelings, stopped when I later got to know from friends who came from the same city with her. Joana, as I call her, was from a very rich home and the only child of her parents. “Money ain’t shit!” to her but she never fronted it. She lived like a middle income person.
It was after I got closer to Joana that I realized such a perfect personality she was. Apart from her good looks, anybody could describe her as; humble, mannered, cultured, courteous, dedicated, determined and very meticulous in her dealings with human beings. She’s the most faithful lady I had ever come across. Why do I say this? Well, when I gathered courage after 3 years of friendship and proposed to her, I got the shock of my life. She had a guy in KNUST. They had been dating since JHS. I still didn’t care. I was ready and determined to pull this proposal through. I never gave up and she never gave in. I did a research on her guy and found out he was a spoilt womanizer living a life of promiscuity. I drew Joana’s attention but she trusted this guy so much. She told me, till she catches him red handed, she was not going to make a decision from a mere hearsay. You might think she was careless but I say she was epic.
Seeing her in heels turned me on but kiss sef I no get!
Hello people, ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for a friendship built on the foundation of mutual trust, respect n genuine interest in each other’s welfare, then I RECOMMEND Joana Bennett for you….
Please help me wish her a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY – My African Mona Lisa.