Ntikuma – Season II – Episode 8 – “The Plot”


Keep on crying whore, now you know what my mother went through in the hands of your wicked father” he said.

Jerome was through with her. At that moment, Ntikuma was so weak that there was nothing she could do. Jerome had left her at the hotel when he was done with her.

Ntikuma laid on the bed quietly yet with tears dripping from her eyes. She wept within and waited patiently to regain her strength.

She found it had to believe what had happened to her but what really bothered her mind was what Jerome told her.

As far as she was concerned, there was no connection or what so ever between her family and that of Jerome’s, she hardly knew him.

Besides, Ntikuma’s father neglected them at a tender age. Since then, they had never heard from him. Even their late mother, never spoke about him. There was no father figure in their life since then.

All this while, Adobea had been strong enough to resist Kojo regardless of the feelings she had for him. Somehow, Kojo felt bad for making the first move, he never thought Adobea would resist him.

Adobea had left him in Ntikuma’s room after he made the attempt. Kojo came out of the room and saw Adobea seated at the living room.

“Erm, I’m actually sorry for what happened, maybe it will be difficult for you to forgive me but I’m sorry” he said.

Adobea didn’t say a word, Kojo by then was getting uncomfortable to the extent that all what he wanted to do was to leave.

“I will be on my way” He said and walked towards the exit door. Out of nowhere, Adobea stood up, and held him back. She met him with a tender kiss. That was unexpected.

Kojo didn’t resist, this the moment he had been waiting for all this while. At this moment, they both couldn’t stop each other.

They were on the sofa with their lips busy kissing each other. Adobea’s hand was all over him, Kojo also held her so tight as they kissed.

With bruises all over her face and looking extremely exhausted, Ntikuma had managed to get herself home. She opened the door and there she met Adobea and Kojo passionately kissing.

Just then, Adobea quickly pushed Kojo off but it was too late, Ntikuma had already seen them. Out of surprise and shame, they couldn’t even ask what had happened to her looking at the bruises on her face.

However, Ntikuma just stood there and watched them. She had nothing to say, this was the least of what she had already been through.

Suddenly, the home phone started ringing, to use that as a cue to runaway from the embarrassment, Adobea excused herself to answer the phone leaving Ntikuma and Kojo.

“Can we talk” Kojo said.

“I look hurt and that is all you got to say” Ntikuma said.

Adobea seemed angry on the phone to the extent that she hanged up.

“What is it with guys of today, I think its a wrong number anyway. Can you imagine the caller claims he has my sex tape” Adobea said.

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That was Jerome, he had mistaken Adobea to be Ntikuma. Ntikuma knew this had something to do with her. Before she could say anything, simultaneously, Kojo, Adobea and Ntikuma’s phone beeped.

Adobea was the first person to check, unfortunately, there she saw her sister’s naked pictures.

“What is this” Adobea said.

Kojo then saw it and began to smile about it. That wasn’t the reaction they expected. He then began laughing so hard, like someone who had accomplished something. Doing so, he left them and went away.

They were all surprised over his reaction. However they thought he might have a better explanation of his actions.

“Sis, whats all this about” Adobea asked. That was when,
Ntikuma opened up and told Adobea everything that had happened.

Just then another call came through, this time around, the caller called on Ntikuma’s phone.

“Now, this is just the beginning, if you and your sister does not show up at Villa’s pub tonight at 9:30pm” he said

“What do you want from me, just leave me alone” Ntikuma said.

“Come alone with your sister, mind you, if you try anything stupid, your pictures and videos would be out before you knew it” he said and hanged up.

All Adobea wanted to do was to involve the police but as naive as Ntikuma was, she stopped her Adobea. You can’t blame her because she was the victim here.

Upon consistent persuasion, Ntikuma convinced her sister to leave the police out of it. The time came, Adobea and Ntikuma left to the venue where the caller had planned to meet them.

The place was crowed with a lot of people going about their own thing. This made them feel safe a bit. It was already 10pm and there was no sign of Jerome or the caller.

They kept looking around and to their surprise, they saw Dave (Adobea’s pastor), Jerome and Kojo together, walking towards them.

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