Ntikuma – Season II – Episode 7 – “Into Your Pants”


I walked out on Adobea and Kojo, went into my room and locked the door behind me. I took the gun then i fired it.


The shot was loud and clear. Adobea and Kojo freaked out as they both heard it. Rushing to Ntikuma’s door, they noticed it was locked from inside.

Kojo banged the door severally, when there was no response coming, he broke the door and entered with Adobea. That was were she met Ntikuma, holding the gun and shivering all over.

Apparently she deliberately fired a warning shot through her window, just to see the reaction of Kojo.

“Hey, what happened are you ok” Kojo said and took the gun away from her.

“So you actually care right” Ntikuma said. The look on the Kojo and Adobea’s face when she said that showed how surprised they were.

Now, they were convinced that Ntikuma was really capable of doing anything. Having said that, she took her purse and left them both in her room. No one knew where she was going, she just went out without saying anything to them.

“I think you two should work things out before i get in the middle of this whole drama” Adobea said.

“No I can’t, I’m afraid things had already gone worse” Kojo said

“I don’t get you” Adobea asked. Out of nowhere, Kojo grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the wall. He was aggressive but somehow was also gentle to be handled. Adobea didn’t see this coming, the next thing she knew, Kojo’s lip was buried in her’s.

Adobea tried to push him away but he appeared to be so strong. He kissed her, Adobea wanted more of it yet she knew it wasn’t right.

“ Kojo, I can’t “ she said softly. By then Kojo was already fumbling her breast. It felt so good yet for some reason she was able to push him back this time around.

“Stop this, stop it” Adobea said. She couldn’t stand him for another moment. She knew she was vulnerable, her only option was to walk away.

Ntikuma had arranged meeting with Jerome, the guy who sold her the gun. The venue for the meeting was just absurd.

They arranged to meet at a guest house. Perhaps they wanted to play safe because of the illegal weapon they were handling.

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“I told you i wanted an empty gun” Ntikuma queried him when she got to the guest house.

“Sorry, it was mine mistake” Jerome said.

“Mistake? I almost killed someone, why did i get myself involved with this anyway” She said.

Jerome got up and locked the door. Ntikuma wasn’t pleased with what he just did.

“Why did you lock the door, open it” Ntikuma said.

“You don’t want people hearing us” he said. Ntikuma then reached out to her purse and brought a bundle of GHC 50.00 notes.

“Don’t worry, I’m done here. This your balance” she said. He took it, then threw the money onto the bed. Then he suddenly began unzipping his trouser and walking towards Ntikuma.

“What are you trying to do” Ntikuma asked

“Trying to get into your your pants” Jerome said.

“You must be mad” she said and pushed him aside. Jerome got angry, held her back and slapped her so hard that she fell on the floor.

This got her bleeding from the nose, she was even dizzy at that moment. She tried to scream but Jerome had already gagged her. He picked her from the floor and threw her onto the bed.

Then he began tearing her attire, Ntikuma tried kicking him but Jerome was too strong for her. He again landed another heavy slap on her face. This was quite heavier than the previous one.

Ntikuma was helpless now, her strength and struggles were not enough to keep Jerome off. He was in total control now.

Jerome aggressively took off her jeans leaving her in just her panty and bra. That wasn’t enough, he then reached out to his phone and began to take shots of Ntikuma.

When he was done, he tore off Ntikuma’s pant and came on top of her. Tears ran down her cheeks. All hope seemed lost.

She tried to resist him and this time around, Jerome hit her at her face with his fist. There was nothing more she could do.

He took out his manhood and pushed it into her so hard. The pain was unbearable for her, Jerome used and raped her.

While banging her so hard he said “You see how it is to be treated like a whore, you bitch” he said

Ntikuma cried her heart out.

“Keep on crying whore, now you know what my mother went through in the hands of your wicked father” he said.

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To be continued