Ntikuma – Season II – Episode 6 – “A shot”


That was his name, Jerome. He is kinda cute but because of what he does for living, he was just not my type.

I didn’t stop calling Kojo yet he ignored all my calls. I was getting crazy. I just didn’t know what else to do. Eventually, i saw them coming.

I knew what needed to be done, i knew at this point in time, i was at fault. I could have killed my sister and there would be no turning back.

My face and actions were all full of remorse, it was so obvious that Kojo noticed the look on my face and decided to leave my sister and I alone. I thought once I’m through with this, everything would be back to as it was between Kojo and I.

He left without saying anything to me yet he said goodbye to my sister as if i wasn’t even there.

It’s always not easy when you are the one doing the apology but it wasn’t like i had an option. All the same, i still went ahead to apologize and eventually we reconciled. Indeed that was really a healthy exercise.

We had a lot to talk about, surprisingly, Adobea wanted to find out how Kojo and i came into contact. That was where I opened up to her and told her everything.

She paid particular attention to everything i said especially when it has to do with Kojo. Well it was nice getting back as sisters.

We retired to bed later in the night, I still couldn’t figure out how the bullets got in the gun. I tried as much as i can to reach Jerome but was to no avail.

Then i heard a loud scream that came from my sister’s room. I quickly rushed out of my room and went to check what was going on. Her door was locked, I couldn’t get in yet i could still hear her screams. I was so scared and helpless that i had to call Kojo to come and help.

He came right on time, broke the door and met my Adobea in a pool of blood. Quickly, we both rushed her to the hospital.

We stood at the OPD while the doctor attended to Adobea. I thought i could use this moment to talk to Kojo but he was really resistant. I still went ahead to apologize for what i did and ask that we also reconcile yet his words were so hurting.

It sounded like he didn’t even want me again. I got distracted when suddenly i saw Dave my very first guy. The guy who extorted money from and broke my heart when he was through with me.

I was able to recognize him that very moment i saw him. He didn’t look any different from his video chats and pictures. Right there and then I approached him.

Apparently he claimed he was a changed person and was even a pastor which i doubted all that. He even promised to pay everything he took from me. He really sounded very convincing.

Indeed, he was a pastor, he was at the hospital to visit a church member. Out of respect, i took his card and let him away.

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I couldn’t wake up early to go the hospital and check on my sister. I don’t know what really happened, but I overslept. I quickly showered and got ready to go. Before I stepped out of the house, Kojo and Adobea had already arrived. Apparently, she got discharged that morning.

“I was just in my way to the hospital” i said.

“I just got discharged this morning, I’m okay Ntikuma” Adobea said. After Ntikuma came in, Kojo tried walking pass me without saying anything. I held him back and asked for explanation for all his actions.

“You don’t pick my calls, Kojo what is going on” I asked.

“Good you asked that question, there is nothing going on, absolutely nothing” ironically, he answered. His face looked weird when he said that I didn’t like the answer i got from him.

“Meaning” I asked.

“Meaning there is nothing going on between us, we are done” Kojo said and walked into the house where Adobea was.

That was it, as simple as that, he broke up with me right there and then. As if that was enough, he went ahead to tell Adobea that i ran into my ex Dave.

It sounded as if he was happy about us meeting, perhaps he had the idea that we may come back together. I was so broken and hurt. Then this thought came into my mind, there was one bullet left.

I walked out on Adobea and Kojo, went into my room and locked the door behind me. I took the gun then i fired it.

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To be continued