Ntikuma- Season II – Episode 5 – “Desperate”


She coughed and coughed but I stood there and did nothing. I watched her suffer until she gave up her life. That was it. She was gone.

Part of me felt guilty for not helping her out. As a result, I took my anger on my sister. That’s if she really was my sister. Somehow, I never had the courage to confront Adobea about what our mother said to me before she passed away.

I don’t know what prevented me from confronting Adobea. I guess I was just comfortable with the way things were. As far as I was concerned, Adobea’s mother was still my mother. As such, I took charge of all funeral arrangements. Kojo was there to support as usual.

The love he showed me was beyond my imagination. He was simply the man of my dreams.

Kojo and I met in the most unexpected way. One day, I was trying to reach my sister on her cellphone, yet she didn’t answer. Kojo was the one who answered it instead. Apparently, Adobea had left her phone on the table when she went out. That was how Kojo got to know of my number.

Since then, my love life has just being epic. Kojo was everything I wanted in a man. Trust me when I say, I was madly in love.

There was more to Kojo than I knew of. During the funeral preparations, he made certain statements that left me amazed and heartbroken at the same time. I never saw it as a threat because I thought he was already mine.

“There is something you should know, Nti” he said. That was how he called me, “Nti”. Well there was nothing unique about it, but i felt special anytime he called me by that name. I listened to him as he went on.

“Everything you see about me is a lie, and I’m sorry if I’m about to break your trust” he said. I had no idea of what he was talking about. His words scared me, and for a moment I thought he was about to break up with me.

“What is going on, Kojo?” I asked.

“Before I met you, I was interested in your sister, Adobea. She had no idea about it though” He said.

My face dropped instantly and I felt my heart shatter into pieces. I wasn’t expecting that from him at all. What did Kojo mean by “he was into my sister” ?

“That’s the reason why I disguised myself as a gardener. I just wanted to get close to her” he said

That was the height of it all. I couldn’t take it anymore. All I wanted him to do at that moment was to reassure me that he loved me. I stopped him from going any further. It was as if the more he opened up, the more angry I got over this confession.

Though I wanted to hear more of what he had to say, I also wanted him to end the conversation and pretend none of this even happened. Even though I stopped him from going any further, I still harboured everything in my heart.

That was when I decided to confront Adobea. Not only confront her, but to push her to the wall. I wanted to blame her for our mother’s death, and to find a reason for her to leave my man alone.

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When we were through with all the funeral rites, I went back to Adobea’s place without Kojo’s notice. I started throwing questions at her the moment I saw her. She seemed quite calm, even upon confrontation.

However, out of frustration Adobea became aggressive and slapped me across the face. That was when I pulled out the gun from my handbag. I was not angry at her because of our mother’s death. I just despised the fact that Kojo had feelings for her. She was a threat to my happiness.

That was how crazy and desperate I was. Now you can understand that I do not let things slide just like that. I was not even ready to let go of the man that I love.

Adobea stood before me, pleading for her life. Giving me all sorts of reasons not to shoot her. It was funny because I don’t even remember loading the gun. I just wanted to threaten her. She looked so pathetic, standing there and begging me like a pauper. There was no way I would shoot her to begin with.

I don’t know where Kojo came from, but I’m sure he took his chances by coming to this place to find me. Coincidentally, he came in the moment I was pointing a gun at Adobea.

If I knew he was coming, I would have put it away. However, now it’s too late. I just have to give him a good reason to justify what I was doing.

Kojo tried to intervene, yet somehow my hand pulled the trigger and a shot was fired. Fortunately, it was a missed shot.

“Where did that come from? What if she got hit?” I asked myself these questions over and over again. I bought this gun from a guy I met at the airport when I arrived. I only bought it to protect myself in case of an emergency. I never loaded it, nor did I check to see if it was loaded.

After the shot was fired, I could see the look of disappointment on Kojo’s face. He just took Adobea and drove off in a car because I was a threat to her life.

You can imagine how bad that felt. I just stood there all alone, disappointed with myself. I did not know what else to do. It’s been over three hours since they left me here, yet there was no sign of them anywhere. I wanted them to come home, so I could apologize.

I tried calling Kojo several times on his phone, but he never picked any of my calls. I became very nervous at the thought of Kojo and Adobea being alone together. No, this cannot be right. I had every reason to be upset.

This is the same situation where Kojo admitted he used to have feelings for Adobea. What if everything revitalizes again?

All of these thoughts were running through my mind. I couldn’t even think straight, everything around me was just turning upside down. First, it was the gun that I thought was empty, and now this.

Speaking of the loaded gun, I was really disappointed in Jerome for selling me that. Jerome. He was kinda cute actually. However, because of what he does for a living, he was just not my type.

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To be continued.