Ntikuma – Season II – Episode 4 – “Ntikuma”


Before Adobea or Kojo could say anything, the sound of a gunshot echoed from Ntikuma’s room.

You can’t run away from your problems, because wherever you go, they will find you. My name is Ntikuma, and this is my story.

I grew up with a loving family who cared about us very much. When I say “us”, I mean myself and my sister, Adobea. Even though our mother loved the both of us, I knew I wasn’t her favourite. Despite the fact that I was the last-born, our mother never paid attention to me.

I can be very jealous, which is my weakness and an attribute to my bad side. I can do anything just to get what I want.

Back in school for instance, I was expelled for setting my classmate’s backpack on fire. I did that because he scored more marks than me in an exam. An exam that I helped him prepare for.

If I could do this at a young age, just imagine what I could now. You can call me crazy, I don’t care. Bottom line, I was not the type of person who would give up on my heart desires.

That was how determined I was. Even with such a temperament, I got a scholarship to study abroad after I graduated high school.

You can imagine how happy I was. What made me even happier was that out of all the applicants, including my sister Adobea, I was the only one who got admission into that particular university.

At that moment in my life I thought all attention will be on me. Sadly, my mother was more focused on comforting Adobea during her time of grief and not me for getting admission into school.

My mother barely bought anything for me before I left the country. Out of desperation, I had to use part of my savings to cover some of my expenses. My mother’s excuse for not helping me out was that I’m traveling on scholarship.

I went abroad, and for months I lost contact with my mother. This was mostly because of what she did to me. However, I was in constant contact with my sister, Adobea.

I was employed in a modelling agency where I got a lot of money. That was when I had an anonymous call from this guy in Ghana named Dave.

How he got to know my number, I couldn’t tell. Even though I played “hard to get” in the beginning, was persistent so i just gave up.

Dave was the sweet type. We talked every single day and video called every night. I fell for him way before he even proposed. The next thing I knew, I was sending him money on a weekly basis.

I had no idea that one day he will leave me. I was blinded by love. I never thought that something would come between us. When Dave came into my life, it was magical and epic! He was the first guy I fell in love with so you can imagine the thoughts that were in my head.

Suddenly, Dave began demanding for more money. One day, Dave asked me for 2000$ but I could not give it to him because that amount of money was far too huge. I was only able to give him half of the amount he wanted. Still, Dave wasn’t pleased.

Out of anger, Dave decided not to talk to me for a number of days. Out of desperation, I was able to raise the remaining $1000.00 and sent it to him immediately.

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After that, I got his attention again for a short period of time. After that, he switched off completely. That was the last time I heard of him. I was so broken and I desperately needed someone to talk to.

Miraculously, that was when Kojo and I crossed paths. He was just there when I needed him. I didn’t care that he was my sister’s gardener. He gave me all the attention I needed.

Before I knew it, I fell for him. He was the reason I came back to Ghana. Just to meet him and perhaps get married to him.

My sister didn’t like the fact that I was going out with him, but it never bothered me. He is the one I want and no one can change my mind on this.

Irrespective of what my mother did, I still loved her. In the end, she was my mother. As such, I had to see her upon my return. Kojo told me of how my sister, Adobea treated our mother and how she sent her to the village.

I couldn’t just ignore the message. I rushed down to the village and met our mother. Trust me, I knew I shouldn’t have turned my back on her. She was in so much pain, but all the same, I asked for forgiveness. At that moment, my mother cried her heart out.

I had never felt that bad in my entire life. That night, she had a severe fever that left her weak in her bed. I visited her in her chambers, fed her, and kept asking for forgiveness. Yet all the while, she never said a word to me.

“Tell your sister to come down, I need to see her before I die” she said.

As much as her words scared me, I was angry at her. After all that Adobea did to her, mum still cared about her. Yet, there I was trying to make up for my mistakes.

Adobea was the one who sent her away in the first place, yet mum had already forgiven her and not me.

“Mother, why? Why are you treating me this way?” I cried.

“Don’t use that mother word on me during my final moments on this earth. Go and ask your dead father who your mother is!” She said.

I had no idea of what she was talking about. We never spoke of Dad after his death. I just stood there, confused and hurt by what she said. Is she not my mother? Or is it the fever that is making her talk this way?

She began coughing violently. I tried to give her water, but she hit off my hand.

“Leave me to die in peace. If you really want to help me, bring my daughter here and go and look for your real mother”, she said.

Those words hit me so hard. So hard that tears started flowing from my eyes. She coughed and coughed but I stood there and did nothing. I watched her suffer until she gave up her life. That was it. She was gone.

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To be continued