Ntikuma-Season II – Episode 3- “We’ Done”


“Who, Dave? That’s the guy that broke my heart. He’s my ex” Ntikuma revealed.

Kojo’s jaw dropped when Ntikuma said that. He only knew him as Adobea’s pastor. Ntikuma had stood up from where she was sitting and went ahead to see Dave, leaving Kojo by himself.

Just then, the doctor left Adobea’s ward and met Kojo.

“How is she, doc?” Kojo asked.

“She attempted an abortion and had lost a lot of blood in the process” he said.

Kojo was surprised and heartbroken when he heard about Adobea’s pregnancy. He had never seen Adobea with any man, so everything came as a surprise to him.

“So how is she?” he asked again.

“She is fine, she just needs to rest. I would advise that avoid seeing her today. It’s really important that she really rests well”, he said.

Meanwhile, Ntikuma had caught up with the pastor and was engaging in a conversation with him. From where Kojo stood, he could see everything from afar.

After speaking with the doctor, Kojo left without telling Ntikuma. From what it seemed, Ntikuma was pleased when she saw her ex at the hospital.

That was the last time Kojo set his eyes on Ntikuma. Shortly after leaving the hospital, Ntikuma kept calling Kojo on the phone but he refused to answer.

She knew Kojo was hurt. Already, he was avoiding her for what happened between her and Adobea, and now this. On top of that, no one knew about the conversation that went on between Ntikuma and her ex, Pastor David.

The next morning, before Ntikuma could set off to see her sister at the hospital, she had plans of making Adobea intervene on her behalf when Kojo arrives to visit her.

Adobea’s current state was an advantage for Ntikuma. Ntikuma felt that with Adobea being on the sick bed, it would bring Kojo closer to her and eventually, everything would be back to normal.

Ntikuma showed up that day. She did her make up and wore an elegant dress. All she hoped for from that moment was a good day. A day that she will return to the comfort of Kojo’s arms. A day that she will see her sister, Adobea, back home; All she wanted was a perfect day.

Before Ntikuma knew it, she heard the doorbell ring. Ntikuma was close to the door already because she was on her way to the hospital. She opened the door and was amazed at what she saw.

Adobea and Kojo were standing right at the door. Apparently, Kojo had already been to the hospital that morning when she was discharged from the hospital.

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“Hey, I was on my way to the hospital” Ntikuma said.

“I was discharged this morning. I’m okay now Ntikuma”, Adobea said as she walked in. Kojo and Ntikuma’s eyes met. She held the door as Kojo walked past her.

“You don’t pick my calls. Kojo what is going on?” Ntikuma asked.

“Good you asked that question. There is nothing going on, absolutely nothing”, he answered. His face looked weird when he said that. Ntikuma did not like the answer she got from him.

“Meaning?” She asked.

“Meaning there is nothing going on between us, we are done!” Kojo said while moving towards where Adobea was.

As hurt as she was, Ntikuma did not utter a word. She stood at the gate and watched how Kojo had suddenly became close to Adobea.

She continued to watch as Kojo helped Adobea to sit, eat, etc. Ntikuma never said a word. She had never been hurt like this before. Even this pain, could not be compared to when she got her heart broken by her ex, Dave.

Having being put on the sidelines and watching the one she loved share wonderful moments with someone else, Ntikuma’s became silent. However, her heart was screaming with pain and anguish.

Then Kojo suddenly broke the silence. “Guess who we ran into at the hospital yesterday?” Kojo said to Adobea in Ntikuma’s presence.

“Ntikuma’s ex”, Kojo said.

“Really? Ntikuma, you have an ex-boyfriend?” Adobea asked. Ntikuma just had a blank stare. The only thing she could do was nod her head in agreement.

“You never told me about him” Adobea said.

“He is just a blank page torn out of a book” Ntikuma said. She then stood up and poured herself a cup of wine.

“Hey, you take alcohol now?” Adobea asked. Adobea was surprised to see Ntikuma taking alcohol.

“Why can’t I? Am I not a human like you? Don’t I deserve to drink whatever I want to drink? Be with whoever I want to be? Or to have sex with who ever I want to? She exclaimed.

That was not the answer Kojo and Adobea expected from her. It was quite obvious that something was bothering Ntikuma. Kojo then had a call and tried to step out to receive it.

“Hold on Kojo, why can’t you take the call in our presence? I’m sure you don’t have anything to hide” Ntikuma said.

“Hey guys, whats going on with you two?” Adobea asked.

“Oh nothing, absolutely nothing” Ntikuma said. “As matter of fact, we are done!” Ntikuma said, mimicking Kojo when he said those same words to her.

“Let me leave you two alone. I will be in my room,” Ntikuma said. In anger, Ntikuma smacked the glass of wine off of the table, shattering it completely.

Ntikuma walked away, went into her room, and locked the door behind her. Before Adobea or Kojo could say anything, the sound of a gunshot echoed from Ntikuma’s room.

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To be continued