Ntikuma – Season II – Episode 2 – “Mended Heart


“Kojo is not even my real name” he continued.

That was his first time coming clean to Adobea. He had not even revealed himself to Ntikuma. Even though she recently discovered that he was rich.

“My name is Calvin. I am an entrepreneur, and a wealthy one at that. Everything you see here belongs to me. I just found it hard to get you to notice me. That was when I decided to disguise myself and come into your life as a domestic worker”, he said.

Adobea was still lost for words. She had a lot of questions to ask, but nothing could come out of her mouth. Kojo expected this reaction.

All the while, Kojo’s phone kept ringing. Apparently, Kojo knew that Ntikuma was trying to reach him. Yet somehow, he was quite disappointed with what she had done.

“You are with my sister, how do you except me to believe you?” Adobea asked. Her bossy way of talking suddenly changed into a soft friendly tone.

“There is more than what meets the eye” He said. “How about we meet somewhere, then we talk about all this?” Kojo said.

“Look, I will think about it. Just take me back home. I need to settle things with my sister”Adobea said.

That was not Adobea’s plan. Truth be told, she just wanted to get out of there. Standing in front of Kojo brought back memories. The way she used to talk him, shout at him and all that. Adobea could not see him as a different person.

She just wanted to get away from his presence. The sight of Kojo made her feel guilty. Kojo respected Adobea’s wish, and drove her back home just as she had requested.

Surprisingly, Kojo ignored Ntikuma when he got there. It was as if Ntikuma did not exist. He was really upset with her. Kojo left Adobea in with her sister and went home. He thought they both needed time alone to work out things with each other.

Ntikuma was first to break the ice. “You know I didn’t mean to shoot you, right?” she said

“Yeah, I know. I made certain mistakes that I am not proud of myself” Adobea said.

Just like that, they were able to settle their differences. They sat down, came to understanding and moved on. However, Adobea had an ulterior motive, she suddenly began asking Ntikuma about Kojo.

“So where did it all start from? I mean, with you and Kojo?” Adobea asked.

Apparently, Kojo came into Ntikuma’s life after a bad breakup with her ex-boyfriend. Back in the United States, Ntikuma was in a long distance relationship with a Ghanaian man.

Unfortunately, the guy financially exploited her. Ntikuma practically granted the guy’s every wish. Only for her to find out that the guy was just a scammer.

Kojo happened to be there when Ntikuma needed someone to talk to. Ntikuma was hurt badly, and as such, she fell in love with Kojo. From that moment, Ntikuma thought she was in a happy and fruitful relationship with Kojo. However, Kojo had different plans up his sleeve.

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Adobea was relieved when Kojo admitted that he had not been intimate with Ntikuma. As a matter of fact, she considered it a plus for her. However, Adobea was not sure of her next move, so she grudgingly decided to play along.

The pregnancy was the only thing in her way now. That night, Adobea took a drug that would terminate the pregnancy. Ntikuma had moved in with Adobea once again, and ever since the incident happened, Ntikuma had not heard from or seen Kojo.

It looked as if he was avoiding her. With such thoughts in her mind, she was having sleepless nights. That was when she heard a scream coming from Adobea’s room.

Ntikuma quickly rushed towards her sister’s room, but the door was locked. She kept banging the door hoping that Adobea would open the door. Adobea on the other hand, couldn’t control herself. She just kept on screaming and screaming.

Ntikuma was so helpless in that moment that she did not know what to do. She was stuck behind the door, trying to force her way in. She tried calling Kojo for help, yet he didn’t answer.

Then she texted him “You need to come here urgently, Adobea is in danger”. As soon as she texted him, Kojo finally called back.

“What did you do to her?” He asked just when Ntikuma picked up.

Kojo thought Ntikuma had done something to her sister. This was because he witnessed what Ntikuma tried to do to her sister the first time.

“Nothing! She is just screaming in her room, and I can’t seem to get in!!” Ntikuma cried.

Within a few minutes, Kojo had arrived. The situation was the same when he got there. He had no other option than to break into the room. That was when they met Adobea in a pool of her own blood, screaming as if she had seen a ghost.

Kojo picked her up instantly and rushed to a nearby hospital. They waited as the doctor attended to Adobea in the emergency room.

Kojo and Ntikuma sat there for hours, patiently waiting to hear from the doctor. Ntikuma thought this was the best time to settle things with Kojo, since they had nothing to do except to wait.

“Kojo, can we talk?” Ntikuma asked. Kojo was silent, he didn’t answer her but Ntikuma was determined to make things right.

“I know what I did was bad, and there is nothing I can do to rewrite my wrongs.” She said.

“I was angry, I didn’t know what i was thinking…” Ntikuma said

“Are you listening to yourself? You almost killed your sister! I don’t know who you are anymore” Kojo interrupted her.

“I almost did, but I didn’t kill her. I have worked things out with her, but you are still holding this against me” Ntikuma said.

“Look, let’s hold off on this issue till some other time. I’m worried about her now” He said

Kojo sounded so passionate when he said that. Ntikuma even became jealous at that moment.

While they were talking, Adobea’s Pastor showed up at the OPD. Apparently, he was coming to visit a patient in the hospital.

Ntikuma instantly recognized him and called out his name.

“Dave?” Ntikuma called out. Quickly, the pastor turned and saw her.

Kojo who saw what was going on asked “You know that guy too?”

“Who, Dave? That’s the guy that broke my heart. He’s my ex.” Ntikuma revealed.

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To be Continued