Ntikuma-Season II – Episode 1 -“Real Him”


My emotions were like a switch. One moment, I was furious to the point where I slapped her. Next moment, I was about to experience my death.

Ntikuma looked furious. I had never seen her so angry before. I knew she was ready to pull the trigger. In that moment, all I could do was to beg for my life, hoping that she would be merciful.

Ntikuma’s finger was still clinging onto the trigger. I began to shiver when suddenly, Kojo came out of nowhere to see what was going on.

Even in his presence, Ntikuma still pointed the gun at me. With tears running down her cheeks, Ntikuma blamed me for our mother’s death.

Kojo tried to talk to Ntikuma so that she could put the gun away. However, Ntikuma ignored him and held the gun at me firmly with her two hands.

“This is not the way to go about things dear. I know you are hurt, but put the gun away”, Kojo said. “We both know that you don’t have to do this” he continued.

As he was saying this, he kept going closer to her. All the while, Ntikuma never took her eyes off me. I just stood there, feeling very helpless and not knowing what to do.

Kojo was now close enough to hold her by the hand. Ntikuma was about to put gun away upon his intervention.

“You don’t have to do this, I’m your sister!” I cried. I don’t know what I said wrong, but she automatically became irritated again. She then pointed the gun back at me. Kojo tried to hit the gun out of her hand, but the shot was fired!!!


That was what happened between Ntikuma and her sister. Bonded by blood, yet at war. Kojo had been caught in the middle of what seemed to be a second world war.

Ntikuma, whose heart was filled with rage, had decided to take out her anger on her sister. Even upon Kojo’s intervention, the shot was fired. Fortunately for her, Ntikuma missed the shot, hitting the glass door nearby.

At that moment, Ntikuma could not believe she had actually fired the gun. That was very close. Adobea would have been dead by now.

Adobea. That was name of Ntikuma’s sister. Speaking of Adobea, you can imagine the look on her face when the shot was fired. Kojo had no option than to take Adobea off the scene, leaving Ntikuma there.

He was quite disappointed with what Ntikuma did. As a result, he said nothing to her. He just took Adobea away from her own house.

They drove off in a posh car which seemed to be brand new. Initially, Adobea thought it was rented car. Little did she know that the car actually belonged to Kojo.

However, with what just happened between Ntikuma and herself, she was quite distracted and quiet through out the drive.

“Madam, are you ok?” Kojo asked while on their way. Adobea did not answer. Everything was still fresh in her mind.

Kojo then tapped her gently on the thigh. At that moment, Adobea came back to her senses. All she did to answer Kojo’s question was nod her head.

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Adobea still couldn’t believe her sister would go to that extent. Before she could gather her thoughts, they had arrived to this expensive parking lot reserved for office employees.

Kojo got down from the car and so did Adobea. Adobea then followed him quietly, as she had no idea of where Kojo was taking her.

This was no place for lowlifes. They took the elevator and went straight to the 5th floor where they got out.

Kojo was greeted by an elegant young lady who seemed to be his secretary.

“Good day sir. I left some files on your desk for you to sign”, she said.

“I will attend to them later. By the way, cancel all appointments for today” he said.

Adobea just stood there in shock. She did not know what was going on. Everything was like a dream to her. They then went towards the main office where Kojo closed the door behind her.

“What was that all about? Where are we? Whose place is this” Adobea asked.

Kojo ignored the questions and asked her if he could get her anything.

“Answer me” she said.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me, Madam” Kojo said.

Even with all this, Kojo couldn’t stop calling her madam. It was beginning to sound like it was Adobea’s actual name.

“Take it easy, I just didn’t see this coming. However, I did what I had to do because of you” He said.

Adobea did not understand a word Kojo said. The look on her face said it all.

“I pretended to be someone else just to get noticed by you” Kojo said.

“Meaning?” Adobea asked

“Look, all the disguises, the pretence. Everything that occurred between us happened because I was in love with you” He revealed.

“Kojo is not even my real name” he continued

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To be continued.