My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 25



I came down and explained everything that happened at Idris apartment, exactly the way I saw it. My dad listened with great attention while my mother was sober. As for my sister, her mood was unreadable.

Immediately I finish explaining everything that happened, my father stood up and picked his phone.

Chief Sunday: hello detective.

Detective: *************

chief Sunday: I am fine sir. Can you please send two of your boys to my house right now.

Detective: *************

Chief Sunday: very good, I will be waiting. Please be very fast.



I stood up and arranged my things very well. Since i couldn’t get a car to convey my things to Samuel’s place, I decided to call him.

Me: hello

I said immediately he picked his call.

Samuel: guy you no dey try o. You no dey even call person self.

Me: no be so o. As I dey so, big wahala don burst for my head. I no just understand wetin they happen around me self.

Samuel: what do you mean by that?

Me: Stephanie don come o.

Samuel: yeee! Senior man. Your own don better o. Enjoyment go dey be that.

Me: no be so o. She come my house come catch me with one naked girl lying on top of my body.

Samuel: iyeee, so you dey cheat on her.

Me: no be so o. She been talk something like say people dey tell her say I dey cheat on her that’s why she come check on me and now, she think say wetin people dey talk na true.

Samuel: that means person dey set you up o.

Me: wetin you mean?

Samuel: check am out na. If people dey hip lie for your head against you, then that incident wey happen na set up. E fit be say dem no say she dey come your house dem decide to set you up.

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Me: yeee, e fit be true o because I no know the girl at all. She just run come my house half naked saying her boyfriend dey pursue her with knife.

Samuel: and you mumu come accommodate her. Then when she see say Stephanie dey come, she come pounce on you.

Me: exactly. Come o, you be suspect. How you use know everything like dat?

Samuel: mumu, na my head you want begin the investigation?

Me: *one minute remaining* My credit don finish abeg. Just come my house with big motor come park my load.

Samuel: she kick you out?

Me: yes oo, she kick me out. Make I just settle down first before we go sort things out. As for now……

*phone beep*

Me: mtcheeew, this useless network self. Chaiii, credit don finish oo.

Voice: welldone gold digger.

I was surprised and turn round to see who said that. It was chief Sunday and by his side stood two policemen.

Chief Sunday: you came to my daughter’s life just to ruin it. Just to add more salt to her injury. How could you be so heartless Idris? How could you? And to think that stephanie truly loves you, you want to send her back to her cold, dark and evil self. Well it shall not work for you… Boys!! Take him.

Me: sir its not what you think, I can swear with my life that it is Stephanie I truly love and I am not cheating on her. Please sir, you have to believe me please!

I cried, begged and swore but it fell on deaf ears. The two police men took me to their station. Chief Sunday never looked back or showed an iota of pity for me.

They took my clothes off and remained only my boxers on me before taking me to my new cell.

In my life, I haven’t spend a night or even a day inside a police station but here am I being thrown inside a cell because of a girl.

The policeman that was taking me to my cell threw me inside before locking the door. Just then, a broad and deep masculine voice spoke out.

Voice: fresher don come, make una give am VIP treatment.

I was still thinking, what is VIP treatment when a blow slashed across my face. My brain erased leaving only three words.

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