Ntikuma – Final Episode


Adobea and Ntikuma kept looking around and to their surprise, they saw Dave (Adobea’s pastor), Jerome, and Kojo walking towards them.

At first, they thought it was a mere coincidence. They had a difficult time putting the pieces together this time around. Why were they together? With a lot of questions to be answered Jerome, who seemed to be the initiator, led Adobea and Ntikuma to a nearby sitting area where they all could sit down.

Dave and Kojo poured themselves a glass of wine. Comfortably sipping, they allowed Jerome to do the talking. Apparently, Jerome, Dave, and Kojo were biological brothers.

That was when Jerome revealed everything to Ntikuma and Adobea. The three brothers came into their lives only to seek revenge on them.

Back in the days when Adobea’s mother was still with her husband, he was always found way to sleep with other women.

This was going on until one night, a random woman showed up with her two year old daughter claiming that Adobea’s father is the father of her child. Surprisingly, he never denied it. Instead, he took the child in and named her Ntikuma.

However, the same night Ntikuma was brought in, Adobea’s father sacked his wife from his abode. As a result, Adobea’s mother despised Ntikuma ever since. She kept maltreating Ntikuma anytime her father was away.

As if that was not enough, Adobea’s father went back to see Ntikuma’s mother, who already had three sons with her divorced husband. He went there with intention of apologizing to her for sacking her from his home.

Ntikuma’s mother on the other hand, did not accept his apology. In anger, Adobea’s father forced himself on her. He beat her till she had no strength to fight back. She was badly bruised as a result. To make matters worse, Adobea’s father raped Ntikuma’s mother while her three sons — Jerome, Dave, and Kojo, all watched in terror.

That painful memory of their mother being molested remained in their minds. The boys grew up with bitterness in their hearts, vowing to take revenge on man who did this to their mother. Unfortunately, their mother passed away one month after the incident.

Dave was the one who led them to Adobea’s house. He got to know Adobea’s father was the rapist they have been looking for after visiting Adobea’s house for the first time.

He never forgot the face of the man who violated his mother. As soon as he saw a picture of him in Adobea’s house, he knew he was the one. Afterwards, Dave posed as a pastor just to get close to Adobea.

All the while, they had completely forgotten about their step sister. They never knew where their mother had placed her. They all thought she was dead.

All they wanted to do was to make Adobea and her family pay for what her father did to their mother. They never cared who came along the way.

Kojo’s love for Adobea and Ntikuma were all driven by hatred. Dave and Jerome just played their part to get the long lasting revenge they wanted.

Dave had already succeeded in sleeping with Adobea. Jerome has also gotten his way with Ntikuma. Kojo on the other hand, just played with the hearts of the two sisters.

After they made this revelation to Adobea and Ntikuma, they threw nudes pictures of the two ladies at Ntikuma’s face and mocked them mercilessly. The brothers had a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after hurting the two sisters. Once they were through, they left Adobea and Ntikuma at the pub.

That was when Ntikuma remembered everything her mother told her before she died. It was true that she was not her biological daughter.

Ntikuma and Adobea were still seated inside the pub. They were both speechless. They couldn’t believe how foolish they were to have been played by three brothers.

“Come on, lets get out of here” Adobea said.

“No! Why did you keep this away from me?” She cried. “Tell me about my mother. What did she look like?” Ntikuma asked.

“This isn’t the right time. I promise, I will tell you everything once we get home” Adobea said.

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Ntikuma was not ready to listen to what Adobea was saying. She insisted to know the truth, so Adobea had no other option than to tell Ntikuma everything.

“I was very young when your mother brought you home. I don’t know what happened, but Daddy took you in and sent your mother away that same night. She was a nice woman, I must admit. But that day was the first and last time I set my eyes on her” Adobea said.

Tears rolled down Ntikuma’s cheeks as Adobea revealed the truth to her. Till now, Ntikuma did not know know that this same woman was also the mother of Jerome, Dave, and Kojo. All she knew was that she and Adobea had paid bitterly for their father’s sins.

Adobea insisted that they go home because she had something to show to her. That was enough to convince Ntikuma this time around.

Adobea brought out an old diary and gave it to Ntikuma.

“What is this?” Ntikuma asked

“This is daddy’s diary. I never opened it. Maybe you will get to know more about your mother if you read through it. This is the only way i can help”, Adobea said.

Ntikuma went to her room, shut the door behind her, and began going through the diary. That was when she saw a confession note written by her dad.

The note revealed how her father treated her mother. It even covered the rape, and how sorry he felt after committing such a heinous act in the presence of her three sons Jerome, Dave, and Kojo. What the note revealed was the exact same thing Jerome narrated to her and her Adobea when they met earlier.

It all made sense now. Jerome, Dave, and Kojo are her step- brothers. She was shocked about the whole situation. Ntikuma eventually gave the note to Adobea to read. As shocked as she was, she was also filled with hatred.

All the while, she recorded every conversation they had in the pub for her personal reasons. Adobea was not ready to let go after everything she had been through because of Jerome.

Now that Ntikuma knew they were her brothers, she was determined to bring them down. Together with Adobea, they went to the police, showed the nude photos, and played the recordings for the officers to hear.

The police on the other hand, took the three brothers by surprise. They never thought that Ntikuma will go to the police. They were eventually arrested and jailed accordingly.

Ntikuma felt so sorry for herself that she began to cry. She wept so bitterly, it felt as if her heart was going to rip out of her chest. Adobea was there to comfort her in her sorrows. The two sisters promised to keep Ntikuma’s relation to the three brothers a secret. They felt it was better that way.

Ntikuma and Adobea eventually relocated and started a new life. They wanted to forget their bitter experiences and place everything behind them. As far as Ntikuma was concerned, she only had one sibling, and that was Adobea.

Somewhere along the line Yao, Adobea’s childhood friend, began making advances on Adobea through the help of Ntikuma. Like always, Adobea was playing hard to get. However, Yao still had hope that Adobea would eventually accept him and the love he had to give.

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The End.