Ntikuma – Episode 5- “The Return Of Ntikuma”


As much as i knew all this, I didn’t want him to slip away. I love him. Telling my story from this point became the hardest thing for me, because at this point i was in a dilemma as to go out with a married man whom i love or to just be on the safer side and let everything go.

I went days without writing anything in my dairy thats why you didn’t hear from me. But I’m back to tell you my story, to tell you about the decision i have taken, You may be judgemental but I went after what my heart wants.

I followed my instincts and broke the rules. Married man or no married man, I’m putting my happiness at first, any other things can follow later. After three days of being off, I replied his text message finally.

“Guess what, i have been thinking about you to too, let’s meet up” I texted. In no time, Jerome replied my message. It was as if he has been waiting for my message all this while. We scheduled a date and waited patiently for it.

I quickly went out to the nearest boutique, i shopped the best dinner wear, quite seductive as well, bought new perfumes and a heel. i wanted to look glamorous because i was going to meet Jerome.

Upon my return, I noticed there were some traveling bags right in front of my door. I quickly called out for Kojo.

“Who does this belong to and why are they at my door” I asked.

“Oh madam, your sister Just arrived from the states” He answered.

I was shocked when he said that, before i knew it, i saw Ntikuma coming towards me. After 8 years apart, my biological sister returns from the state.

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Ntikuma was my younger sister, she somehow won a visa lottery nine years ago and have been in the state ever since. We usually communicated even when she was away, just that, I didn’t know of her arrival until now.

Though we never agreed on so many things like sister’s should do, I couldn’t hide how happy i was to see her once again. I jumped and hug her as soon i set my eyes on her.

I knew how beautiful i was, but Ntikuma, was blessed, she had everything a man would desire, her beauty was beyond compared. I sometimes jealous her when we used to hang out together back then.

She is the kind of girl where every man will notice her as soon as she pass by. Amidst all this, she didn’t even have a husband, not that she was actually searching, she just didn’t want to settle down and raise a family now.

We talked and laughed trying to catch up the old times. You could tell that, life has really been good. I cooked and served her a favorite local dish Just to welcome her back home.

“Why the sudden return that you didn’t inform anyone of your coming“ I asked.

“Well, i have something to tell you, i will be getting married soon” she said.

I was actually happy about this, at least she has gotten a man of her own now. I imagined that she probably met a guy in the states that she want to settle down with.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this, I’m so happy for you” I said

“Thank you sis, it’s actually by God’s grace, this man has been so good to me, I really love him“ she said.

“awww, just look at how you talk about him, you really love him, I can’t wait to meet him” i said. My sister‘s face brightened up as soon as she started talking about him.

“As a matter fact, He is Kojo, your gardner” Ntikuma revealed.

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To be continued