Ntikuma- Episode 4 – “Drop Off”


That freaked me out. My pastor was so real.

I quickly dashed out to my room, called my pastor and told him what had just happened.

“The Bible says, if your left hand is paining you, cut it off, for it is better to go into the kingdom of God with a hand than loose your entire body in hell” He said. That was his only words to me and that influenced me alot.

“I think i know what to do” I told myself. I didn’t make my intentions obvious but i knew what i was doing. In early hours of the morning, i went and woke my mother up from sleep.

“Is everything alright? She asked.

“Oh nothing mum, i just want you to follow me somewhere, I can’t go there alone” I said.

She didn’t really ask a lot of questions, she just went and showered and followed me as i have requested. We took a long journey to the village where our entire family was.

Upon arrival, my mother thought that, we were only coming to visit, little did she know that, i was about to leave her behind. My uncle and Aunties were all happy to see us but that happiness was short lived.

“Ever since i took mom to the city, things has never been the same. All the men, who came into my life just abandon me for no reason and till now, I’ve still not found a man of my own. Thanks to my gifted pastor for openning my eyes to see that my own mother is the cause of my problems” I revealed to them.

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I could see the shock on my mother’’s face upon saying that, all this was like a dream to her that she even went to the extent of rubbing her eyes to see if this was really happening. The reaction from my family was just similar as they didn’t believe what was coming out from my mouth.

“I will continue to be the daughter that she wants but i just can’t leave with her any longer” I said. ”I will send Kojo to bring her belongings tomorrow”.

They tried to stop me and to make me reconsider my decision but my mind was already made up. I still love my mother, but i Just can’t take any chances. This is my year and i know i will surely get a husband.

Surprisingly, my mom didn’t utter a word, she just sat there as tears rolled down her cheeks. I could feel her pain and i knew she was really hurt but it was for the good. That was my only option.

I ignored everyone and i drove my car off. It was quiet a relief to do that. Even before i got home, good things started happening in my life right after my departure.

I recieved a text from Jerome “I know this is wrong because I’m a married man and a man of God but ever since I bumped into you, I can’t stop thinking about you”

This was coming from Jerome, our feelings were mutual But he is a married man. There is no chance for us in the future. As much as i knew all this, I didn’t want him to slip away. I love him.

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To be continued