Ntikuma – Episode 6 – “The Date”


“As a matter fact, He is Kojo, your gardener” Ntikuma revealed.

I didn’t believe my ears, this must definitely be the joke of the century. How can my sister stoop so low to go out with my gardener. I didn’t want to believe it.

I was so shocked that my words even choked me, she then called Kojo and made him sit at the dinning table with us. Someone wake me up if this is a dream, a nightmare for that matter.

“I know probably, this would have been strange to you but Kojo and I have been dating for the past three years and now we want to get married and settle down as a family“ Ntikuma said.

“I can’t believe this” Saying that, i stood up from the table and walked out on them. I went straight to my room and locked myself up.

What must be wrong with my sister, you came all the way from the states just to settle down with this church mouse whom i even feed all the time.

This must be a joke. That was the only thing that got me distracted from thinking about my meeting with Jerome.

I remained in my room until it was time to go on my long awaited date. I wore the gown that i bought eailier on in the day. I maked sure i was looking good, seductive and was smelling good.

I took my purse, my car key and set off. Just as i opened my door, i saw Ntikuma in the arms of my Gardener, cuddling and laughing. I got so upset upon seeing them.

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“Where to, my sister“ Ntikuma asked.

I ignored her, went into my car and drove off to my date. This date should be the perfect distraction for me. I can’t just handle my sister and that boy any longer.

As much as i hate to admit it, i even missed my mother. I knew she will not agree to that relationship. There is noway that will work. It just impossible.

The venue of our date was out of town, we didn’t want anyone to see us. The restaurant wasn’t my type of place to hangout but it was necessary because we had no option.

Mid way through, i got another text from Jerome. Apparently, he has already gotten to the venue and was waiting for me. That even made me anxious and nervous at the same time.

I began to speed up a little bit, i didn’t want to keep him waiting. In no time, I got there. Just as I imagined, the whole place was quiet with only few people there.

I walked in, kept looking around to find him, but was to no avail. “Where is he? I asked myself.

Out of no where, this woman came and hooked me up, and gave me a heavy slap on my face.

Everyone’s attention was on us as this woman kept on hooking me. That was were I noticed that, it was Jerome‘s wife.

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To be continued