Ntikuma- Episode 2-“Pastor’s Wish”


When I entered the room, i saw Jerome and his wife sitting comfortably at their dinning table, taking their dinner. That was not what i was expecting to see. Jerome who seemed so much happy of my visit couldn’t just wait to introduce me to his family. Apparently, that was the reason he invited me to his house in the first place.

My visit was rather shorter than expected, i was disappointed In myself for keeping my hopes high like that. I guess this wasn’t the man my pastor saw in his revelation. I went straight home and didn’t even speak to my mum.

I already knew what she was going to say. Like anyother mother, she will surely tell me that i rushed into things. I wasn’t ready to listen to that, i just wanted to be alone at that moment.

Well, I updated my pastor about it, but then he always had his way around and sounded very convincing so I believed him. Though, he claimed he had seen a vision, perhaps Jerome was not the one God had revealed to him.

He then invited me to a prayer session later that evening at the church premises. The kind of time he had for me made me know how dedicated he is.I just thought it would be wise to give him a token just for his time.

That evening again, I dashed out another 500ghc to him for up keep. I did everything out of the love i had for God and humanity. I knew whatever it was, he was definitely going to pave way for me through this man of God that i was helping.

Kojo, my gardener never saw eye to eye with my pastor. Anytime, he came around, Kojo was always cold to him. It was so obvious that the pastor even knew Kojo hated him.

His attitude always deteriorate the pastor for coming to my house. Trust me, as much as Kojo can be irritating, i had no cause to sack him. I paid him very well because of his superp service he rendered to me.

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He has been my most trusted worker among all the workers i had. He was not educated, looked unkept and almost all the time i had to complain about his dressing. It was that bad. But let’s not take it from him, he was hardworking. That was the only reason i found him productive in my house.

I had come back from the pastor’s end not long ago. It was quite late in the night, so i had to shower and got ready to sleep. That was when I heard a heavy knock on my door. It was so rapid that i feared it was going to disturb my neighbors.

I quickly told Kojo to check it up, only to see that it was my Pastor. I just came from his end so i wondered what could push him here at such late hour.

“Man of God, is everything alright? Whats the matter” I asked him.

“My sister, you are in trouble. All the cause of problems has come to bare” He said.

I feared just when he said that.Myself and Kojo stood outside with him listening to what he had to say. My mother who has also being waked by the knock came out to see what was going on.

Just as the Pastor set his eyes on her, he began to cast her out as if she was demon. I tried to intervane yet he stopped me.

“Woman, step aside, this woman here you call mother is the cause of all your problems. She is a witch” My Pastor said.

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To Be Continued.