Ntikuma- Episode 1-Fasting & Prayers


Story By Elton Nana Amoah

“Ska ta to yi mamama – kata bum la sa” the prayer worrior splashed the annointing oil right on my face as i knelt down before her and the main pastor. These had been the routine every morning, all in the quest of getting me a husband.

I drunk the bottle of annoiting oil almost every morning after the routine prayers, used some on my face as the pastor directed, claiming that, by using it on my face, the favor of God would be upon me and that will attract men to me.

Well, i wasn’t really desperate for a husband, i was still yet successful, i just wanted to fit in the society where a husband would be there to help and support me in my business.

Trust me, I didn’t have a problem being approached by men, i know how beautiful i am. However, men just came in for their own personal gains. My mum, who has been very supportive right from day one had always been advising and talking to me all the time. Left to her alone, i would just sit and wait for the appointed time.

Though my mum and I didn’t really agree on certain issues, i still loved her as she is and brought her from the village to stay with me. I had my own business, my own house, my own cars in fact, God had really blessed me with wealth. All i just needed was the man figure in my life.

I payed my church tithe and did everything that my pastor said all in a bid to get the favor of God and hopefully get a husband. In the quest of all this, i meet Jerome on my way from work one evening.

He had been my mate way back from the secondary school. Apparently, he is now a pastor. I wasn’t even surprised because back in school, he was the “Spritual Union” leader.

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He wasn’t really cute back in school but looking at him now, he looked so attractive. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was so gorgeous. Maybe, he might be the one. Before he even asked of my contact, i had already made my mind to give him my complementary card.

The rest of the day was just full of his thought. It was that easy for me to like him right from the moment i met him. I espected his call and text but nothing came through. I wanted to call him badly but my ego didn’t allow me. He is the man, he should be the first to call.

It’s been two days now since i met him, yet there was no sign of him. My mother even noticed that i was distracted. I couldn’t hold on any longer so i picked up the phone to call, surprisingly, just when i was about to do that, he gave me a call.

I didn’t waste any second to pick it up. Apparently, Jerome had been out of town for an outreach that was why he had not been able to reach me.

Fortunately, he invited me to come and see him, at his house that evening. It was like a dream come true. I was so happy about this, i knew he was the one, the man of my life. I quickly called my pastor and told him everything about it.

“My God is indeed a living God. Even before you called me, God had revealed to me that, your idle man has already come your way” my pastor said. I was so happy when he said that. Out of joy I decided to send him 500ghc for an offering and to show gratitude to the Lord.

The moment had arrived for me to go to Jerome‘s house. I was an hour earlier than the appointment time. I had put on my favorite color dress, used the Range Rover which also happened to be my favourite among all my cars, my perfume was on point. In a nut shell, i knew i looked good.

I got to his appartment and knocked on his door. A young girl opened the door, she was about 13 years. I freaked out when i saw her. I thought Jerome lived alone. When I entered the room, i saw Jerome and his wife sitting comfortably at their dinning table, taking their dinner.

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To Be Continued.


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