Whatever It Takes-Episode 20


Mr. Fiagbe yelled from the living room for everyone in the house to come to the living-room. Yayra and Elorm responded almost immediately.

“Now listen, all of you. No one – and I mean no one – should open this door to that useless sister of yours. From today, she ceases to be my daughter and you two should not be seen with her or you’ll all follow her. Do you hear that?” he said when he saw that his wife was not coming and dispersed them. Elorm took Yayra by the hand and led her to her room and put her in bed.

“Why has Daddy taken sister Esenam’s things outside? Why doesn’t he want us to open the door for her? What does he mean when he said sister Esenam is no longer his daughter?” Yayra questioned.

“Yayra, you are too young to understand a lot of things. Just go to sleep and don’t worry too much. Our sister will be fine. Dad is a little angry right now; he will get over it and everything will go back to how it used to be. Now, come let me tuck you in.” Elorm assured her. He looked through the pile of storybooks beside her bed. He asked her for the one she would like him to read to her. She made her choice and he read till she was sound asleep.

Elorm left Yayra’s room very angry. He had always wondered why their Dad was so headstrong. It was as if no one else mattered in the house. Whatever his father said had to be the final word, and that hurt all of them very much.

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Meanwhile, the youth meeting was over and Boat walked Esenam home. They stood at the path leading to her house and said their goodbyes. Boat whispered something in her ears. Esenam smiled broadly and walked briskly to the house and saw her suitcases stashed behind the big gate from the inside.

“Why are my things here?” she asked the gateman, very surprised.

“Me, I don’t know oh! Master bring them here. He asked me to tell you not to go into the house or you’ll be sorry.”

“Why? What happened?” Esenam asked, fearing the worst.

“Me, I don’t know oh, small Madam. All I know is that shortly after you left for town, master followed you and came back very angry. He brought your things and gave instructions that you should go back to the church house.” Esenam knew the die was cast and there was no way her Dad would change his mind. She walked up to the backdoor and found the door bolted from the inside. She went up the main entrance and rang the doorbell consistently but no one answered the door. She could hear her parents arguing from inside. She sat on the stairs and waited for a miracle that never came. Then it started drizzling. She looked up at the clouds that was gathering rain and tears formed in her eyes. She checked the Boys Quarters and realized the spare room was also locked. She played with places she could stay for the night in her mind. Her only friend who could have helped her was in Europe for the holidays. She thought of Naana. She did not know where she lived but Boat would know. She kindly asked the gateman to put her things in the verandah of the Boys Quarters and left the house with a heavy heart. She hurried along the path and soon came to Boat’s gate. She rang the bell and waited. No one answered. She did it again and again but still there was no answer. She walked dejectedly through the small gate with her tears blinding her. She bumped into Boat at the main entrance.

“Esenam, what are you doing here at this time of day?” Boat asked, very surprised.

“Can I at least sit down?” she replied tearfully.

“Sure, I’m afraid my house is in shambles though. I didn’t put the place in order this morning and I went to see a friend after we parted.” Boat said and led her to the main door. He unlocked it and stepped inside picking things from the floor as he moved along. Esenam followed suit. He asked her to make herself comfortable and enquired if she cared for some water. Esenam sat down and told him she was okay as far as water was concerned.

“Esenam, don’t take this wrongly but I am puzzled by your presence here. I saw you off over three hours or so ago. What’s up?” Boat asked, very concerned.

“My Dad carried out his threat. He threw me out of the house. When I got home from youth meeting I found my things outside. According to Tawiah, the gateman, he followed me to Church today. He said my Dad asked that I stayed out until I’m willing to play by his rules.”

“Wow, that’s deep. How could he …”

“I came to ask if you could accompany me to Naana’s house so that we see how I can be helped.” Boat reminded her that Naana was out of town on a business trip and would be returning the next day. He offered to take Esenam to the Presiding Elder’s house instead for assistance.

The trip to Elder Asare’s did not take long. There was less traffic on the road that night. Unfortunately for them, he was out of town too. The Security Guard had informed them that the Elder and his wife left in the morning when they received news that his brother was involved in an accident in Koforidua.

Boat and Esenam left in confusion. Their only hope for assistance had just slipped away. They walked in silence for a while. Boat looked at his time and realized it was almost midnight. He offered his guest room to Esenam since it was too risky to go looking for hotels around the area at that time of the night. Esenam grudgingly agreed to use Boat’s guestroom for the night. Boat made sure Esenam was settled in with fresh sheets, new towel, new sponge, new toothbrush and a pajamas.

He encouraged her to lock the door behind him if that would make her feel safe. He bade her good night and assured her things would be okay, so she should go to sleep knowing her heavenly father was in control.

Boat stayed in the living-room until the lights in the guestroom went out. Somehow, the thought of Esenam being close brought some peace and gladness to his heart. He knew he had grown very fond of her but he was willing to go the distance and see how it would pan out.

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