Ntikuma- Episode 3-“The Meal”


“Woman, step as side, this woman here you call mother is the cause of all your problems. She is a witch” My Pastor said.

This pastor must be joking, how could he say such a thing. Thats my mother he was referring to here. My mother didn’t utter a word as she stood there listening him. I was so sure that she was in shock just like myself.

“Pastor, i think there is a mistake somewhere, look, why don’t you save your energy, i will come by tomorrow so we talk about it” i told him.

I believed in him yet this particular prophecy is way beyond me. That was the only thing i could do, i just played safe by getting raid of my pastor with the excuse that, i will becoming to him the following morning.

“My dear, what is this, is this the Pastor you have always being visiting? Calling me, your mother a witch? My mom said.

I could see how offended she was. She Just can’t be blamed for my misfortunes. “Mom, I’m sorry. I’m sure there is more to this, let’s go inside“ I said.

That was a dramatic evening. I didn’t want to take any action until i hear from the pastor the following morning. I got up early just to follow up on the pastor. However, Kojo somehow had something to discuss with me before i set off.

“Can’t it wait till i come back, i have things to do” i said.

“i know madam, but it’s quiet urgent“ Kojo said. “It’s actually about your Pastor“

“What about him? I asked.

“Erm, i don’t mean to get you offended but I don’t think he can be trusted. I just wish that you’ll be more careful about him” he said

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So now, Kojo didn’t even know his place any longer in this house. Yes, he was my trusted worker but this is a no go area for him.

“Kojo, do you realize that you are talking to me, your madam? If you still want to keep this job, continue opening your mouth” I cautioned.

That was it, i shut him up and set off to see my pastor. Kojo almost messed up my day. What he said really got me upset that i kept thinking about it while driving. When my pastor saw me arriving, he began his usual prophecy.

“The Lord revealed to me that, you had a sleepless night” He said. Well that was true, i had a sleepless night because i was thinking about his revelation about my mother.

“You may think that it was as a result of your thinking habbit but spiritually your mother was battling out with you“ he said. He sounded so convincing that i began to believe him.

“What food does your mother hate? He asked. I was so surprised that he asked that question. It just came out of nowhere.

“Well she hates anything made with wheat” I answered.

“Go and prepare a meal with wheat, serve it to her and see if she will not accept it” he said. This all sounded weird to me, my mom hated wheat, why would she even accept it from me.

“If she accepts, you’ll see the truth about your mother but if she does not, you’ll know am just a false prophet“ he said.

So that was the direction he gave, well it sounded so easy so I hurried home and began to prepare wheat rice. In no time the meal was ready and i called my mum out to the dinning table.

I served her well and just when she opened the dish to see the meal, she noticed it was wheat rice.

“ my dear, did you forget or what, you know very well i hate wheat” she said.

“oh mom, I’m really sorry, I completely forgot. Let me take it away” i said.

“Don’t worry thats enough. Just take the meal to my room, i will see what i will do” she said.

That freaked me out. My pastor was so real.

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To be continued