Nii Dromo Season 4 Episode 9


The tears my mum shed at the police station made my spirit very weak, the way things were going Mr Narh had to intervene by sending my mother out of the police station because my fellow inmates and the police officers didn’t like visitors who would come and shed tears at the station.

For good 12days I was still behind bars without been taken to court, all this while I kept asking Mr Narh what was going on because no one was saying anything to me and also I had not seen or heard from Barrister Dede Tetteh since the last time she came to interrogate me at this very place, Mr Narh told me that my lawyer was involved in a car accident and that she was now recuperating from a slight injury she sustained and that she is not leaving any stone unturned so I should just be patient with her for now

Mr Narh didn’t even leave the station before some men and a lady came to the station, I overhead them mentioning my name to the officer at the counter that they wanted to see me, they were given the opportunity to do so and when they came closer to me their leader told me that they were from the Human Rights and Administrative Justice and that one Barrister Dede Tetteh called them in to look into my case, my face beamed and I saw the light of hope shining over me but what nearly turned my happiness down was when the leader said they weren’t here to grant me bail but rather they were here to see to it that I was arranged before court immediately without any delay so I should pray hard for the judge who would preside on the issue to have mercy on me and grant me bail.

They told me that they wanted to go and see the commander and the crime officer in charge of the case and that they will be back to see me before they final left the police station, about 5minutes later Ken, Sammy and Tilly also came to the police station, as they got there Sammy started insulting and pointing at me to Tilly that this is the pig who raped you, I promise you that he will stay behind bars all the rest of his life.

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As he was throwing threats into the air I heard a female voice behind them ordering him to shut up since he was not the judge to accuse me of being guilty or not, they all turned and it was no one but my lawyer, she further told Sammy that if he didn’t drive carelessly under the influence of alcohol, Tilly won’t pass away for her to be brought to the mortuary and that I won’t also take the advantage to sleep or rape her. She for the first time revealed the big secret to the 3 of them that if they cared to know I was in a relationship with Tilly even before she travelled to the UK, with this revelation Ken dropped his phone that he was holding very shocked because what he heard was very shocking that the current that passed through him could generate power for a hospital to use for a whole month

He looked at his sister and then turned to look at me, I believe Sammy would have wished that what he heard was just a hear say but hey it was the only truth that had been hiden under the sun for a very long time.

Sammy quickly walked pass my lawyer and Ken followed him leaving Tilly motionless, Barrister Dede Tetteh went to her and told her in plain language that if she is still alive and strong, she should be very grateful and thankful to me because am the reason why she is still counted among the living, she kept looking at Barrister Dede Tetteh as if she had been hypnotised without even uttering a word to anyone, the next thing we all saw was, Tilly throwing up and running to the exit of the police station, my lawyer smiled whiles she shake her head as she came close to me, I asked if she was now feeling better because I was just informed that she was involved in an accident and she told me that she will only feel or get better when I was granted bail or I was acquitted and discharged as a free man on the case she had been paid to handle but before she left my presence she said “CONGRATULATIONS” to me and I still don’t understand why she made that comment towards me

I have not said anything yet so please don’t think for me oooooooo

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To be continued


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