Nii Dromo Season 4 Final Episode 10


Grand Finale

The case immediately commenced as soon as the judge sat down because it was the first case for the day, the court room was filled to the brim because everyone wanted to know which lawyer was going to win the case and they didn’t want someone to come and do narration on the case to them, Barrister Dede Tetteh was looking very smart and beautiful that morning that I couldn’t take my eyes of her but when my sweet Tilly entered the court room every activity paused and i turned to direction of her, I overhead one woman in the room asking another woman if she was the bone of contention and the other woman replied yes, the next thing I heard her say was “no wonder the young man couldn’t hold himself back”, this lady is absolutely beautiful and if I were that young man standing in the witness box I will repeat myself a thousand time if opportunity avails itself.

Sammy who was supposed to be a helping lawyer to the lead counsel of the plaintiff today stood as the leader who was going to throw the questions to me, he taught he was going to complicate issues for me or patronise me with some silly questions of his but any question he threw at me was answer beautifully to the admiration of everyone present, what he didn’t know was that my lawyer had taught me how to go about things at the court anytime a tough question was thrown at me, he tried his best to make a fool out of me but rather he embarrassed himself to the court, after he was done with his cross examination it was time for my lawyer to also do her cross examination. The kind of questions she asked me was very straightforward but really carried weight, her first question was:

Barrister: Did you ever know the victim you slept with?
Me: Yes
Barrister: How did you know her and what type of relationship were you having with her?
Me: I met her at the university before she travelled outside the country and she was my girlfriend as in we were lovers.
(This answer of mine hit Ken that made him stare at me very surprised, it brought some murmuring and heckling inside the courtroom that it took the court clerk a hell of a time to bring the people back to order)
Barrister: So you mean you once dated the victim, then why did you take advantage of her when she had not granted you permission to enter her or penetrate through her moreover you might have had your way with her on countless times?
Me: Yes we dated, My Lord the victim had given me the chance on countless times to sleep and break her virginity but almost every time we planned doing it someone or something popped up so it never happened. She gave me her word that I was going to be the very first person to pass through her legs even before the man she will settle down with do so, when she was brought to the mortuary that faithful day I couldn’t bear the pain and just look at her go waste without her virginity since her cells were not dead yet, something told me that if I breaked her virginity she can come back to life so I respected my instincts and after I did that she came back to life.
Barrister: So what if she had not fulfilled her promise and went about sleeping around as she travelled outside?
Me: I knew very well who Tilly is and how she stands by her words so I knew very well that she was still a virgin.
Barrister: So was she still a virgin when you slept with her per your calculation at the mortuary?
Me: Yes my Lord
Barrister: So are you aware Tilly Koranteng is 2weeks pregnant and that Sammy here is trying his best together with some medical team to terminate or abort the pregnancy without her knowledge?
(This question was a very big surpise to everyone in the courtroom and a heavy blow to Sammy and his colleagues that he stood up to counter my question)
Sammy: Objection my Lord, my learned friend is trying to mislead the court with an allegation.
Judge: Objection overruled. Counsel can you give the court hard proof of the question you just asked your client?
Barrister: Yes my Lord I have in my possession the medical test results of Tilly Koranteng and am tendering it in as an evidence to back my case(she hands over the report to the court clerk and it was given to the judge to take a look of it. The judge goes through the report and writes something down on a file before her, Sammy was surprised and dumbfounded with the revelation Barrister Dede Tetteh brought out)
Judge: Looked at me and asked me to answer the question I had been asked by my lawyer.
Me: My Lord I……….I am not aware
(Tilly cuts in rudely, this was the first time she had spoken a word since her accident)
Tilly: My Lord its very true I had a relationship with Nii Dromo the accused, yes I told him I will let him be the person to break my virginity, I never broke up with him before leaving the country although I have been betrothed to Sammy who I never truly loved but because I wanted to please my dad I accepted to roll with him and life with him has been a hell. My wish always has been that even on my dying bed if I still remain a virgin I would love Nii Dromo to have s-x with me before I die so please I pray this honourable court will “Acquit and Discharge” the accuse with immediate effect and also charge Sammy with an attempted murder because he was very drunk the day we were involved in the accident, he was planning to abort my unborn child without my knowledge and as we were in the UK he tried on countless times to drug and seduce me just so he could have s-x with me.
(The court was thrown into a frenzy mood whiles the judge wrote something on the paper in front of her, as she was done writing she started hitting her desk with the judicial hammer on her desk and shouting Order! Order in court!! Order)

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When everyone was calm she started speaking and in short she said, with the evidence at hand and the testimony the victim had given about the accused there was nothing to hold me guilty so she hereby acquits and discharge me from all charges against me and to put icing on the cake, Sammy was asked to relinquish his licence from practising as a lawyer to the bar association and also pay a fine of 50000cedis to the victim and if he was not able to do that by the end of the day he will face 5years imprisonment with hard labour without pardon, after that she again hit the judicial hammer to her desk and stood up.

Tilly rushed to the witness box and landed a very romantic kiss on my lips and told me how she had missed me and the love she had for me will never die, she jokingly said “I will marry you and give you a “MORTUARY BABY”, Ken came to me to congratulate me for my victory although he didn’t look happy.

I approached Barrister Dede Tetteh to thank her for everything she had done for me from day one but she had something new for me and that thing surprised me and my mum, she gave me a file and told me that in the file was the documents of my late father’s properties and that her father was my late father’s lawyer and she was told to monitor and look after me for her to hand it over to me at the right time.

As we were still in the jubilation mood, Sammy pulled a pistol from a police officer standing near him and as he pulled the trigger to shot me he mistakenly shot his own father, the man fell and die instantly, Sammy was apprehended by the police and since Tilly’s dad was a business partner to Sammy’s father he automatically became the boss to everything the man owned.
He gave his blessing and told us he will sponsor our wedding anytime we were ready to walk down the aisle, for my job I knew it was already secured because now all my late father’s companies had been entrusted into my care, I hugged my mum and made Barrister Doris Dede Tetteh the lawyer to all the family businesses.

I and Tilly got married some few weeks later and she gave me a set of Twins as a product of the mortuary s-x, later I built the biggest mortuary and made Mr Narh the manager of the place, for madam Adwoa Nyamekye I converted her chop bar to a morden restaurant, I asked my mum to bring my siblings back to Accra and happiness took over my family again


Story written and composed by AKOTO ADJEI ALEXANDER.
A very big thank you to God almighty for bringing us this far, indeed in Him is life and nothing can be done without him by our side. To my family am grateful for your support and to my Never Say Die readers and followers you guys rock, your unflinching support and pressure keeps me awake during the night just to think deeply and come out with something unique. I am just getting heated and started, till I come your way again please remember me in your prayers and remember to do good and stay safe.

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