Nii Dromo Season 4 Episode 8


I was sent back to the cell and the cell leader still was waiting for me to listen to my story that brought me to my current destination, I told him everything from day one that I set sight on Tilly to now that I had guffed big time towards her, I told him that I don’t even know if Tilly will find a place in her heart to forgive me for taking advantage of her when she got to know eventually but the cell leader told me not to feel bad because even though what I did was wrong and in some customs it will be termed as an abomination I managed to bring Tilly back to life again, he said what I did even the best doctors or surgeons in the whole world couldn’t revive a dead person back to life again but for me I had been able to achieve the unthinkable results ever, he gave me the assurance that everything will be okay and that I shouldn’t loss hope in God.

I looked at him in a very surprised way as he made those comments and even quoted from the holy Bible, he smiled and told me that the fact that he was behind bars doesn’t mean he was a bad person, if you don’t know the police station is like the hospital anybody can be brought there anytime because some issues were unforseen that attacked you when you least expected it to happen to you, he also narrated his story that brought him to the police station and immediately I felt sad for him, indeed “if your house is far someone’s house is behind yours”.

Mr Narh came back to the police station with my cheque book but the officer at the counter didn’t want to buy the idea of me signing the cheque whiles I was behind bars, but after Mr Narh greased his palms he gave his consent, I signed a cheque of 8000cedis for him to go out and find a very good and competent lawyer for me, I didn’t hear from him again for that day until the next day that he showed up with a female lawyer with the name Barrister Doris Dede Tetteh, she was a very beautiful lady who was very confident that even though I was at fault she could try everything possible to get me out of police custody so she had a one on one conversation with me where she asked me to tell her everything that happened from the moment the lady I slept with was brought to the mortuary, I even went an extra mile by telling her the secret relationship I had with her back at the university even before she travelled to the UK and the promise Tilly gave me concerning her virginity.

All this while my new lawyer was recording my narrations and also taking note of some vital informations, it was only when I was done with my narration before I got to know that she had recorded everything I had said and that she will get me out of police custody in no time, she told me she wanted to see the commander so she will be right back, before she left to see the commander I gave her the hint on the cheque Sammy’s father gave to him the previous day, my lawyer smiled as she left me to see the commander with the revelation I brought out

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As she went to the commander’s office to fight for a bail on my behalf she was told that the only place I could be granted bail was at the law court and as at now the CID officers in charge of the case were still conducting their preliminary investigations and until they were done I couldn’t be arranged for court. Barrister Dede Tetteh banged her hand on the commander’s desk and told him that isn’t possible, she asked him if it took the CID officers a whole year to get enough evidence to nail me down that was when they were going to arrange me before court? She quoted some portions of the constitution that spoke about our human rights and further told the commander that she was aware of the cheque he took as a form of bribe from Sammy’s father and she had pictures of the commander coming out of the bank after withdrawing the money from the bank. She threatened the commander that if by 48hours I am not arranged before the law court for the court to decide whether I should be granted bail or still kept in police custody she will expose the commander to the IGP and the whole nation for taking bribe just to punish a suspect, she stood up leaving the commander’s mouth wide open and came back to the charge office to see me before leaving to her chambers to prepare herself well for me when the court date was fixed, she told me everything will just be fine so I should put my trust in God and not her although she will try her best on the case because the case was very big, she said with God by our side she knew luck will be on our side when we get to court.

That day every media house both print and electronic had something to say about my case and the heat that was at the police station was enough to boil an egg, people who heard the news on radio and television wanted to see the man who banged a lady and brought her back to life, some saw me as a hero whiles others saw me as a villain and a criminal, the cell leader really motivated me not to get depressed with the case and that even if I was pronounced guilty and convicted to jail I should walk with my head up because I brought a dead person back to life again and with the miracle I did its only Jesus that could rock shoulders with me because we were the only people who had brought a dead person to live again.

Mr Narh came back to the police station together with my mother and you can’t imagine the tears my mother shed seeing me behind bars, Mr Narh had briefed her to detail what exactly happened and to my mum her only problem she had with me was the lie I told her about my job, she said she would have talked me off from doing that job but I pleaded with her whiles consoling her that we will talk about this matter when am released and I come back home.

Do you think Nii Dromo has a chance of escaping from the law? Can Barrister Dede Tetteh get Nii Dromo released with the way she sounds confident at been in the helms of affairs?
Well the end will justify the means so lets keep our fingers crossed.

To be continued

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