Nii Dromo Season 4 Episode 7


After my statement was taken Mr Narh pleaded with the crime officer to have a word with me and he was given 5minutes to talk with me before I was locked in the cell, honestly I was very ashamed of myself and I didn’t know how to start explaining myself.

Mr Narh after expressing how disappointed he was at me asked if I knew the implications I have brought upon the mortuary because the moment this news comes out into the public domain people will no longer like to patronise our mortuary knowing very well how bad news spread fast like the harmattan fire,he really stressed on a lot of negative things I have positioned the mortuary into and later asked who I would like him to contact first for me before he went out in search of a very competent lawyer to come and defend me or see if I could be granted bail after all when you beat the child with the right hand you draw him closer with the left hand,

I gave my mother’s phone number to him so that he will call and inform her of my current plight because I wasn’t having any girlfriend who I could rely on to bring me food or anything I might be needing whiles I was in police custody, I gave him the keys to my room and showed him where my cheque book was so that he will bring it along when next he came to visit me for me to sign some amount for him to go and withdraw because before a lawyer will move with you as a new client you must pay him at least 70% first.

He told me he will call her the moment he leaves the police station and also inform Mr Nyamekye the labour officer in the hospital on the case and see how best he could resolve the issue and later go out in search of a lawyer for me

In less than a minute some media people rushed to the police station and started taking pictures of me without even obtaining permission from the station officer or commander of the police station, I tried hiding my face but some of them had already gotten a clearer shot of me already, the police officer behind the counter quickly opened the cell gate and pushed me inside to avoid a stampede at the police station, some other officers were called in to calm the situation down at the station and ward the media people off from creating a scene at the police station.

Honestly I received a huge welcome party from the cell inmates who were already in the cell, I received slaps and punches from them as if I had been caught stealing from the market square, after receiving a dose of the slaps and punches the cell leader ordered them to stop and asked me to come and sit next to him so I tell him what exactly brought me to their five star hotel. As I started my story the officer who locked me up called me to come because the commander of the station wanted to see me, he marched me to the commander’s office with this media people still taking shots of me, all this while I was in handcuffs, we got to the commander’s office and I saw 2 elderly men and Ken seated in front of the commander, one of the elderly men tried attacking me but with the timely intervention of Ken’s swift movement he stopped the man from hitting me,

I for that moment noticed that the man was Ken’s father because there was the resemblance between them and the other person was Sammy’s father per my calculations. I was threatened by Ken’s father that I was going to spend the rest of my entire miserable life in jail for raping a whole lawyer and the daughter-in-law of the riches man in town, the other man who I believe to be Sammy’s father was by then writing and signing on something I suspected to be a cheque, he later tore a leaflet and handed it over to the commander to see to it that I was not granted bail at all cost, he turned and gave me a wicked look and said to me in a very unfriendly tone that “meat meant for the lion had nothing to do with the hyena” and what pained him most was that the virginity Tilly was preserving to give it to his son on their wedding night I had come to destroy everything just like that

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The commander cut in and told the men not to worry their heads and that he will see to it that their request is adhered to. All this while Ken was looking at me quietly without uttering a word to me or anyone in the office, the commander ordered the officer who brought me to send me back to the cell and it was that time when Ken followed and requested to have a word with me privately, he also registered his great disappointment towards the action I took and told me that even as at what I had done he had forgiven me but will never forget it, he further told me that he was not in support of any legal action towards me so I should bear that in mind

I asked him how Tilly was fairing and coping with the unpardonable thing I did towards her, he told me she was still in shock due to the accident she was involved in and that she finds it difficult to speak now so the only thing she does to interact with them now is through exchange of writing. I felt bad and devastated as the officer took me away from Ken’s presence, I turned and saw a white Range Rover car coming close to where Ken stood, the door opened and Sammy got down from the car with one of his arms in a P.O.P and bandage raped around his head, he pointed at me whiles talking to Ken and tried coming over to where I was been taken to but Ken stopped him

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