Nii Dromo Season 4 Episode 6


From the look of things I couldn’t ask Ken any questions because I knew he couldn’t answer my question or even utter a word so I approached the ambulance stewards and asked them what happened and where the accident scene was, one of them told me the accident happened on the Tema motorway and that the lady was with a guy who was driving so I asked where he is and I was told he had been taken to the emergency unit of the hospital and that he was not dead but he had some bruises on his body and a broken arm. 

At that very moment I knew it was that spoilt brat Sammy who was responsible for the death of my sweetheart Tilly, a police report was needed to back the documents for us to receive the body so Mr Narh offered to drive Ken to the police station for the police report whiles I also cleaned the body of the deceased before we could put it in the fridge or cold room, I pushed the body of Tilly into the washroom of the mortuary with a heavy heart and tears rolling down my cheeks, I tore her dress apart and my God Tilly still had her flat tummy and b—-t very firm on her chest, her hips had become more wider and the way she had shaved her pubic part made me want to jump on her and devoured her

 I washed the blood away from her body and cleaned the water on her with a new towel. What was going through my head were many and the question I asked myself was so was earth going to consume this beautiful and sophisticated body just like that? Hell no I had to take my share before it was too late, looking at left and right I was the only person left in the mortuary as my partner had gone to the police station together with Ken to get the police report, the little science I knew was that when a person dies fresh it takes about 12hours before his or her system seized so I knew Tilly still had something fresh to offer my system so I quickly undressed myself and pulled Nii Dromo out of my boxers and made way to Tilly’s golden palace, it wasn’t easy to penetrate through her but with force and strength I got inside her at long last

As I started banging her I said to myself “if I didn’t get you whiles you were alive, I have gotten you now that you live no more”, the walls of her golden palace were very firm and tight like a commercial worker’s jeans and it tasted so good than any female I have ever entered before, dead body mpo nie then i wonder how it tasted as you were alive, 

I banged her like about 20minutes before I felt the edge to release so I ejaculated heavily into her and as I drew my manhood back I saw bloodstains all over it, as I was appreciating the sweet body lying motionless in front of me I heard a very loud sneeze coming from Tilly, she repeated it again in some few seconds time and with this I took to my heels forgetting that I was naked, I was screaming out loudly
The security men outside had to run to my aid to see what was pursuing me and it was when they got close to me when I realised I had slacked big time. They tried asking me what the problem was but the only thing I could do was to point to the entrance of the mortuary, the next thing I saw was Mr Narh and Ken driving in with presumably the police report, as Ken saw me naked he became alarmed and rushed to me to find what was wrong with me and that if maybe the news of Tilly’s death had caused me to run mad but as he took a closer look at me he saw from my manhood that Nii Dromo had entered the warehouse of someone and the next thing that came was noise from the security men because they saw someone coming out with a little towel covering her private part

Ken turned and saw his sister limping and trying to get to where we stood so he quickly dashed out to meet his sister to see if truly she was not dead, with the look of things everyone around saw clearly that I had raped the lady who was trying to make way to where we were standing, the chief security officer around ordered his boys to apprehend me and send me to the nearest police station for taking advantage on an unconscious person or sleeping with someone without permission. 

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I saw Ken making several calls before I was pushed into Mr Narh’s car, all this while I was still naked so I pleaded with them to at least allow me to wear my boxer short even but none of the security officers were willing to hid to my request, hmmmmmm this were the same people most at times I gave them money small small anytime I came to pass by their end but today see how they are molesting me like a common criminal all because I was at fault, 

Later Mr Narh asked them to get my dress for me so I wear before I was sent to the police station, they were still adamant to listen to what Mr Narh said so he got down from the car and went in for my dress for me to put on, the way he looked at me gave me the impression that he was really mad at me with the behaviour I had displayed but he never uttered any word to me and after I dressed up he drove straight to the nearest police station for my statement to be taken first and later some CID personnels were deployed to go to the crime scene and get some clues and evidence taken. 

God with this kind of trouble how was I going to defend myself and who was going to help defend me in such a case? How many lawyers could I get to follow the case on my behalf knowing very well that I was going to contend with a bench of credible lawyers? What was I going to tell my mother when she eventually get the news of me behind bars? Even if am granted pardon and not sentenced to jail which job was I going to do because I knew the media houses were going to feed on this story for a very long time.

You can imagine the mess Nii Dromo has landed himself in, do you for see any escape route for him? Well its only a matter of time that we will all get to know the end of Nii Dromo’s plight.
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