Nii Dromo Season 4 Episode 5


With disappointment I picked a new taxi back to the mall to do my shopping, I went home feeling said and empty that I didn’t even eat anything and went to sleep. I woke up at dawn feeling very ravishing hungry so I went to the kitchen to prepare a milo drink and took in before I managed to sleep again

The following morning I called Maame Nyamekye to ask if her family were doing well and that if she was at her chop bar, she teased me and told me that see what money has done to me because she knew I was aware she doesn’t work on that particular day, I gave a loud laughter out to shift her mind off because I wanted to just use a strategy to get her current location and truthfully too I had gotten the answer I wanted, before I hanged up I told her I will pass by her house one of this days so she should expect me soon.

I dressed in one of my best outfit and made way to the residence of the Nyamekye’s with my provisions and grocery well stuffed with me, I picked a taxi that dropped me in front of their house and the moment I got down from the car Mr Nyamekye was also coming to the house from work, I presume he went for the night shift, he met me with a broad smile and handshake before ushering me into his house, Maame Nyamekye was very surprise to see me because I spoke to her some few minutes ago and never alerted her that I will be coming to visit her family that morning.

I told her I just wanted to surprise her which she confirmed to me that indeed I had really surprised her, I didn’t waste time by telling them my purpose for coming to their house that very moment and honestly the couple were really astonished with my reason for coming to their house, to them that was the first time they had helped someone only for the person to come back to them and thank them or show appreciation like how I have just done, although they weren’t expecting such thing from me they accepted my gifts and envelope and prayed for me to excel in all my endeavours.

After chatting with them a little I obtained permission to take leave because I wanted to visit my building site, as I left their house and was standing by the roadside to pick a taxi, a black BMW X6 came to pass by with a tough speed but as it went forward like 4meters it turned on reverse and came to the place I was standing, the driver blew the horn several times but my attention was not with him or her because I didn’t know anyone who used that car, the person came down of the car screaming my name, I turned and it was my old time pal Ken, we hugged like we were gays that were just connected to each other and people passing by looked at us like some aliens who has visited earth.

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He asked me to sit in the car so we find somewhere to seat and catch up on things, inside me I was bored with him but I had to just pretend and play along with him just to listen to the junk he had to tell me, he drove to a nice pub where he ordered some expensive drinks so we could start catching up on matters, he explained the reason why he or his sister couldn’t stay in touch with me again and told me that yes his sister was back and now a full time practising law in one of the big legal firms in the country together with Sammy her betrothed husband

As the conversation got interesting a call came through to Ken’s phone that he had to rush and leave me but before he left he settled our bill and handed to me a complimentary card, when I checked the card my mouth opened wide that it was only a forklift that could help me close my mouth. Could you imagine Ken was a doctor at the same hospital that I work? Yes you saw what I typed, Ken was working with me at the same hospital as a full time medical doctor, indeed it was a small world

I placed the card in my b—-t pocket and went to my building site to check up on the progress of my building, that day when coming back to the house it rained heavily that the card Ken gave to me got spoilt but my consolation was that I knew where to find Ken when the need arises.

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Fast forward:
Because of time and pressure at my work place I didn’t get the opportunity to go and check on Ken but I was there one sunny Wednesday afternoon when an ambulance rushed into the mortuary yard with Ken’s car following closely, I was shocked when I saw Ken and I asked myself what this guy was doing here at my work place, the ambulance team brought out someone on their stretcher and from the distance I could see the person was a female who had been involved in a fatal car accident and drenched in a pool of blood but what baffled me was what Ken was doing there with the accident victim, out of curiosity I came out to meet him and ask for his purpose of coming to the mortuary but as I got close to the person on the stretcher I froze with shock.

My one and only sweetheart Tilly Koranteng was the person on the stretcher motionless, Ken broke down with tears as he saw me that I had to go close to him and console him, herh is that how cruel the world is? Does death also have eyes for sweet and beautiful things like that? If this was a dream I pleaded with God to wake me up and if it was a movie scene also I request the director to take this part out of the script because it was too much for me and Ken

Have you ever lost something or soneone you so cherished in the world before? Was it something you could replace easily or it was something you can never get replacement for in this world?
The interesting part of the story is yet to be revealed to you so stay glued to your screens

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To be continued.


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