Nii Dromo Season 4 Episode 4


The family people of the man pleaded with me if I could beat the price down but I had no listening ear for them, they did a quick caucus meeting before they accepted to comply with the amount I gave out. I said to myself “)twea”, everyday for the thief one day for the master, today you see say am the one laughing last. I filled their report and demanded for their police report before the corpse was conveyed into the cold room, per my calculation the body was going to be kept in the fridge for 74days because back in their hometown they were observing purification and ancestral homage so therefore no dead body was brought to their hometown for 90 good days, I smiled to myself and murmured that I wish the 90days of the purification exercise even started today so that the money I will take from them will increase

They gave part payment of the total cost and promised to come and top up the next day to see if we had placed the body at a very good place for them, I gave them my word and promised to keep a very close eye on their corpse, when they were about to leave I called my former boss to wait behind for me to ask her some vital questions about the corpse they brought whiles the others made way to the car park. I pleaded with her not to get mad at me as to the way I received them but before I went any further she told me not to worry my head because if she was in my shoes she would have than worse but the surprising thing to her was why and how such a brilliant accountant like me will end up at such a place, I told her how things became hard for me after I tried many companies for job but never got any, well a man got to do something to put food on the table at the end of the day so she had to just understand me even though she didn’t like my job

Before she left my presence she asked if I was still interested in the offer her company gave to me sometime ago now that my worse enemy was no more alive, I gave her a broad smile and said a capital “NO” to her offer, hw3 why on earth will I leave such a lucrative venture and go and sit somewhere and do calculations on monies that had been spent already or been spent in the process, I love my mortuary man job and I wouldn’t trade it for any other job not even the presidency.

After my former boss left and I went to see Mr Narh and told him everything that happened, the truth of the matter is the mortuary charges 20cedis per day if you bring your dead body to the normal fridge mortuary but if you want your corpse to be kept in the cold room its 40cedis so you choose your choice when you bring yours here, I had gotten 900% interest on the corpse that was just brought

I brought my profit out to share with Mr Narh but he bluntly refused to take a pesewa out of the money I gave him, to him he said I had earned the money and moreover I should use it to settle my medical bills during my sick moment, wow in this 21st century did we still have people who were not greedy and looking forward to share anything you get out of a deal?

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Well Mr Obed Narh had just given me an answer to that question, as I sat down the name of the person who helped me secure this job at the mortuary came to mind Maame Adwoa Nyamekye, gosh since I got the job and moved from the slum I had never gone to visit her and neither had I gone to show appreciation to her and the husband for granting me the opportunity to get this lucrative job. I decided to pay them a courtesy visit during the weekend so I planned towards that course

A day before I went to visit them I went to the bank to withdraw enough money because I had plans to do a little provision and grocery shopping for their family and add a little envelope to it to show much appreciation for what they had done for me in the past which has brought me this far, as the saying goes “who much is given, much is expected”.
From the bank I passed by the mall to do my shopping and the moment I got to the mall car park and stepped out of the taxi I hired that same blue black Sonata which I saw some days ago with Tilly driving passed by me leaving the mall to God knows where, I sat in the taxi again and asked the driver to chase after the car to everywhere the car was going, the moment we got to the highway the taxi started to dance “shoki” the car wouldn’t just move any further, oh God how was I going to get a car or stop a car in the middle of the highway because the least mistake you do the better your chances of been knocked down by an approaching vehicle, another chance of getting close to see my Tilly had been shattered thanks to this one gallon taxi driver, I regretted not having my personal car for that moment so my next target was to get my private car came top on my to do list.

Did Nii Dromo treat the families of the number 9 man well by taking more than the actual price been charged per day at the mortuary?

Small small the tortoise will come out of its shell. Accra is big but small and the golden fish also has got no hiding place in the fish pond.

To be continued

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