Nii Dromo Season 4 Episode 3


One morning as I made way to my work place I saw someone who made my heart skip a beat, this person I was talking about was a replica of no one but my one and only sweetheart Tilly Koranteng. Her car came to park next to the taxi I was seated in, in a traffic, I doubted if it was her though but as I tried calling her I noticed she had rolled her car glasses up and was playing and enjoying music in her car so no matter the amount of noise I made she wouldn’t hear my voice. I wanted to make the driver follow her car but I realised there were some other passengers seated in the car, as disappointed that I was I saw her blue black Sonata drive away from my sight helplessly, my joyful mood for the morning diminished as I made way to my office

My senior colleague saw how moody I was and confronted me about what was eating me up, I couldn’t hide away anything from him since he was like a father to me who helped me out with advise anytime I saw myself in a dilemma, he laughed at me after I told him everything before he started advising me, the first question he asked me was;

What if the lady I saw only resembled Tilly and that she might be just a look alike of her?

Secondly what if it was her and that she had moved on in life and was by now married to someone?

After this questions he again gave me the hope that if truly she was my Tilly and that she was back in town I would definitely set sight on her again since Accra was big but yet small so I should cheer up. I looked at Mr Obed Narh my senior colleague cheerful and told him that am grateful for his help from the very first day I met him, he had a way of solving any puzzle I brought before him maturely and my respect for him increased every rising day.

The day was slow with just little to do so I went to sit under a shade and started dosing off and in no time I had a dream, indeed its true that “what is in your mind and sight that accompanies you to dreamland”, I dreamt of meeting Tilly at the beach with that rich brat but when she set sight on me she ignored the guy and jumped in my arm, we were making out when I heard a tap on my shoulder, I faintly opened my eyes and realised Mr Obed Narh standing in front of me, I was angry inside me but I couldn’t display my anger simply because he called me when I and Tilly were just about to have s-x, but come to think of it why do I always get people coming in to destroy my happiness with Tilly, I couldn’t get her physically when she was around before she travelled outside and now that I had cornered her in my dreams too see the mess that has just been created.

Mr Narh told me a dead body had been brought in from another hospital and because of the current electric elapses almost all the mortuaries in town were having problems with their fridges so a body had been transferred to our mortuary so I should come and take records of the body before we take charge of it, I saw a familiar face amongst the people who brought the corpse but hey when am wearing my mortuary uniform and on duty I don’t know friends or family members I just deliver my services diligently. I came to check the body and when I saw the name on the forms I called Mr Narh aside and told him we can’t accept that body, he asked why we couldn’t accept the body because he knew we had some empty spaces left in the cold room and some of the fridges

I told him that the dead man lying down was the reason why am working here at the mortuary, he was that man I spoke to him about that he wanted to end my life simply because I exposed him of embezzlement in the accounting firm, Mr Narh screamed out that, so is this the pig who made your life miserable, he left me and went back to the people who brought the body and told them that the place was full and that we can’t accept anymore bodies again, one person from the people who brought the corpse made a silly comment which triggered the beast in Mr Narh and for the first time I saw the other side of my senior colleague, he told the guy that they always walk about flexing muscles and pretending as if tomorrow belonged to them and if he cared to know this is the final place every dead body will be brought before he or she is sent to the cemetery except you are from the other religion but for the pride and silly comment the man just made they should carry their corpse back home and if they like they should deposit him in their big freezer in their home.

An elderly woman who came with them went on her knees to plead for mercy and told us that they were ready to pay anything we charged them because they had combed every mortuary in the city and everywhere they went was full, this place was the last option that was given to them so if we don’t help them out they don’t know where else they could get help from

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Mr Narh took a deep breath as he saw the elderly woman kneeling before him, he helped her on her feet and told them to wait whiles he contact his boss inside and that was me he was referring to, he smiled and told me that its my time to also retrieve the money I spent to get myself cured when that man tried ending my life so I should name the price tag for the people for a day if they afford.

I smiled back at Mr Narh as I made way to the people who stood outside waiting for me, I immediately recognised the face I told you about as my former lady boss, she also recognised me but kept her composure, I told them that if we were going to accept the corpse they brought we will charge them 200cedis per day and that is the only thing I could do to help them and if they couldn’t afford the bill they know the way to the exit, were they having a choice as at that moment?

What goes around surely comes around. Today it might be your turn and tomorrow it might be mine, becareful how you treat your fellow brother.

To be continued

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