Nii Dromo Season 2 Episode 5


As I saw it was Tilly calling I place the phone on silent and placed the phone under Ken’s pillow because I didn’t want any disturbance when men started working on the labour field, for her reason of calling I didn’t know and was not interested in it for now, I might never get the opportunity Maabena had just offered me again because they say “some opportunities comes but once, so I just had to take the bull by the horn”,

I joined Maabena in the washroom and when I entered she had burnt down in the doggy style manner washing her pant, the young man in between my legs was very stiff as my eyes sent a quick signal to my mind which descended to my waist, in fact I could crack a hard nut with it, I went closer to her and held her waist and as if she was already poised to receive me she held my erected manhood and inserted it into her wet p***y. I started banging her hard from behind and believe me the noise and cacophonous sound that Maabena was releasing was enough to keep everyone at the hostel awake all night long, during this period my strength kept increasing as Maabena was demanding for extra strength from me as I banged her, she pleaded for me to hold her heavy boobs as I banged her.

All this while the shower was running over us and believe me I now understood why Ken wanted to draw down every pant he came across, I think after water that I have tasted on earth the next sweetest thing in the world happens to be in between the legs of human beings.

My dear brothers and sisters am I lying with what I said above there?
Oh don’t give me that look because I know you are not a Saint, I know you like it even more than myself telling you the story!!! ????? Well lets continue with my narration.

In about 10-15minutes of vigorous and merciless banging I felt something coming out from me, first it started from my legs then to my waist and now I felt it coming through my manhood, I started screaming and told Maabena about what I was feeling and she told me not to stop and that I should continue doing what am doing, she stressed that I should deposit anything that comes out from my manhood into her p***y and as I felt something coming out of my manhood I heard Maabena screaming and mentioning the name of God as she breath heavily.

I took the young man out from Maabena’s golden palace and I felt weak, my legs were not having the stamina it had before I entered the washroom so I leaned against the wall as Maabena washed and cleaned me before we came back to the room together and laid on my bed. I had a lot of questions in stock for her as she was by chance having much experience and exposure in s-x than me,

Me: Why were you moaning and crying as we started having s-x?

Her: I was not crying you silly boy, I was only moaning to show appreciation to the good work you were doing.
Me: So was it the reason why you had become a terrorist by asking me to destroy it and beggar by pleading for me to give it to you more and more?

Her: Hahahahahahahaha you this guy you blast ooo so were you recording the sounds I was making in your head just to play it for me when we finish enjoying ourselves?

Me: Why did you ask me to deposit everything into you when I could have dropped it on the floor?

Her: (looks at me in a sexy way as she holds and robs my manhood as if she wants to peel of the skin on it) Well am in my free period and that I needed ur sperms to help nourish my body and skin. Next time I will ask you to pour it in my mouth so I swallow it

Me:(turning to watch her face as she made that awful statement) You don’t mean it, isn’t it disgusting to you?

Her: (smiles at me) Let that be my headache okay, don’t try swallowing panadol for me as I am the person having the headache.

Me: But why were you screaming the name of God when I released into you, was it that my sperms was hot when it entered into you or did I hurt you with my small manhood?

Her: (looks at me and tells me am a very wicked person, do you call this very big thing small? If you care to know this is the biggest and strongest stick that has passed through my life ever since I started tasting that thing) For the screaming and my religiousness, I was getting my o—-m that’s why I screamed. You really rocked me hard and mercilessly and in fact I enjoyed every part of the job you did in there and they say when its sweet we call for a replay. Can you please give it to me again but please give it to me extra hard this time around I don’t mind paying you for this service, its been long since I got such a treat from a man. In fact you are a REAL AFRICAN MAN.
Me: Why not my dear, its a pleasure servicing you.

With this comments I jumped on her again

Hmmmmmm one word for Nii Dromo!!! Would you turn such an offer down? Sweet things are scares of late so when some comes your way don’t take it but rather grab it

To be continued


  1. Hmmm Nii, don’t call me when Tully find out what you did behind her back.

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