Nii Dromo Season 2 Episode 6


I jumped on Maabena with a renewed spirit and strength like that of a stallion horse and banged her as if my life depended on the s-x I was having that very moment, the kind of moans and chants that came from Maabena was crazy and the more she pleaded for mercy the more merciless I became.

She gave me countless and mind blowing styles that even at that moment when you ask me of my name I could be wrong with the answer that I will give you, in fact she took me to cloud 9 brought me back to earth and later sent me to the moon, even though the fan was running at the top speed I was sweating like a roman father who has been caught having s-x with a nun in the parish

Maabena all of a sudden started breathing heavily and held me tight and closed her eyes tightly as if she was about to die. I wanted to stop but my senses had left me and all I could do was to swing my waist up and down in a rythemical way that I was the only one who knew which beat I was playing in my head, first as Maabena held me tightly I felt her p***y very wet but as time went on I felt that place were being dry and as selfish as I was I didn’t stop only to start feeling some pains on my manhood, that was the only time I released I had to go on a break.

As I withdrew my manhood I saw some bruises on it and I asked Maabena if all was well, she frown and told me I had scattered things down her royal palace, as fresh as I was in the game I asked for further explanation and she told me that as she got very wet down there it meant that she had gotten to the c—-x of her o—-m, after feeling that way there was nothing at that moment I could do to make her extra wet so I needed to stop or added a lubricant to make the penetration easier and smoother, I asked her why she didn’t stop me but she told me she was enjoying the extra benefits even though she was feeling the pain.

We went to shower and came to sleep not on my bed but Ken’s bed because my bed was soaked with sweat due to the drilling business we just did on the bed, in less than 10minutes that we came back from the washroom I heard Maabena snoring heavily, hahahahahahaha she was tired due to the overspeed I took her, abi she said she was a rough rider with cars, me too I was a rough rider in bed next time again try me and I will cripple you.

I started reflecting on what I did and I was proud of myself, I knew now anybody who sent me to a mallam for rituals will not succeed because I was no longer a virgin, my worse nightmare had come to pass as now I could also hit my chest and call myself a man, no more wet dreams and imaging how it feels like to be inside a woman, all of a sudden the name of Tilly came to mind and I started feeling guilty because I had cheated on her for the very first time.

I heard 2people fighting in my head, one saying I had not done anything wrong and the other person judging me for cheating on the lady I loved, I later brought my phone out only to see 76 missed calls, 4messages and countless WhatsApp messages from Tilly my love. One of her messages stated clearly that she had escaped from her boyfriend just to come back to the party grounds to meet my absence, she wanted to know my whereabout so she could join me, the guilt at this time heightened in me but there was nothing I could do at that time to savage the problem after all Maabena had done equally what Tilly could do to me that night and probably done better than even what my love Tilly could have done, secondly I knew what Maabena and I did was a one night stand which I might never get the opportunity to lure her to bed ever again in my life, for Tilly I knew there were thousands of opportunities to pin her down any moment from now, I decided calling Tilly back but I released it was not relevant to do so since Maabena was already in my camp

I switched the phone off to avoid any inconvenience and went to sleep. I woke up very late the following morning with some sweet aroma of food smelling in the room, I nearly mentioned Tilly’s name when I woke up and saw a lady in the kitchen, I joined her inside the kitchen only to receive accolades from her.
Good morning my Beast of no Nation was how she greeted me, my romantic lion and p***y champion how was your night? I gave a wicked smile and told her I had the best night ever in my life.

I smell a loom danger ahead for Nii Dromo join me when I release next episode to know what exactly am talking about.

To be continued