Nii Dromo Season 2 Episode 4


After we drunk the entire content of the wine in the bottle Maabena requested for another bottle, since I wanted to be a good companion to her that evening I didn’t decline her request even though I was curious as to why this young beautiful lady was so much into taking alcoholic beverages but I kept my question in my head so I don’t trigger any anger in her, I believe the task ahead of her was the reason behind her high demand for alcohol.

I came back with the same drink and we share almost half of the bottle before I looked at time on my phone it was already midnight so I asked Maabena to let us take leave of venue to our respective places of abode, she adhere to my request and offered to drop me at my hostel before she left to her place.

She came to the party with a white Nissan Pilot car which made my respect for the alhaji increase anywhere he was and also I now understood Maabena properly, the speed she moved the car with scared the hell out of me because if there was any car in front of us her car would have run into it causing a serious accident and moreover she was under the influence of alcohol, what could be her excuse to the police if we bumped into any checkpoint on our way home. I pleaded with her to slow down since we were not in a rush to get back home, she gave a crazy laugh and told me she enjoyed driving at tough speed always and also I should bear in mind that she was a rough rider, I fastened my seat belt to keep me safe should in case we had an accident on the way back to my hostel and if I knew how to drive I would have offered to drive us to my hostel that early morning instead of been the passenger rather, I now saw the importance of knowing how to do some petty important things like driving, riding, swimming and cooking.

In less than 5minutes I had said 12 different prayers to God to keep us safe from harm till we get home safely, my prayers were answered by God as Maabena managed to dropped me in front of my hostel, I was scared of what might happen to her as she was going to drive all alone to her house so I asked her to come over to my room so I could prepare coffee for her before she proceeded to her house, she didn’t give me any challenge as she came down from her car, locked the doors and followed me to my room, walking in her high hill shoe was now a problem so I pleaded with her to take her shoe off before she twisted her legs. She again took my advice to take her shoe off but I didn’t find it easy helping her climb the stairs since she was now feeling tipsy

We finally walked to my room and she jumped to my bed immediately, I excused her to prepare a hot coffee for her just to stabilise her system from the alcohol content.

As I came back to the room my eyes met the shocker it least expected, Maabena was half naked in fact her blouse and bra were off exposing her huge boobs to my eyes, I swallowed hard the saliva in my mouth and didn’t know if to go back to the kitchen or go closer to her, she didn’t look bothered at all with my presence so I went close to her and handed over the mug of coffee to her,

I went back to the kitchen to prepare a milo drink for myself and when I joined her again this time around she was only left in her pant. Maabena claimed she was now feeling hot after taking the coffee even though the fan was on and on a very top speed, she asked if she could take a cold shower from my washroom before she left for her house, as if I had been hypnotised I watched her as she made way to the washroom before I nodded in response to the question she asked.

As she was in the washroom her phone rang and immediately she dashed out from the washroom naked this time around, she came for the phone close to me and stood in front of me to speak to the caller close to 5minutes before telling the person to call back in the morning.

Hmmmmmm for all the time she stood in front of me naked I think I blinked my eyes once or twice only, she put the phone down and made way back to the bathroom, when she got to the entrance of the bathroom she turned and asked me if I liked what I saw earlier and if I liked it and I wanted a piece of it I could join her in the washroom for my share of it.

As she entered the washroom I quickly undressed myself so I could join her in the washroom, I smiled to myself and whispered to myself that today be today,

“I will change my dirty oil today”, all thanks to this beautiful and compassionate lady, the moment I stood up to move to the washroom my phone also rang I checked and it was Tilly calling.

You just guess what I did by yourself anywhere you are now at the moment but for me I will tell you when you meet up with me in my next episode .

If you were in my shoes would you decline such an offer that you never chased after but was going to be given to you on a silver platter free of charge.

To be continued


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