Nii Dromo Season 2 Episode 3


Ken and I walked to the party grounds to join the others and also soon as we got there, Ken’s blood pressure went up because he saw 2 of his side chick ladies approaching him, he knew if he didn’t play smart all hell will descend heavily on him and he didn’t want to wreck his kid sister’s birthday party so he told me to help cover up for him. Luckily for Ken his father called him on his cell phone as the first lady got to where we stood, Ken told the lady to wait for him by myside and not to move an inch away from me and that when am leaving the party grounds the lady can even go with me and wait for him at the hostel because his father wanted his presence now back at home.

He escaped with the second lady to God knows where, now I had to keep the girl left in my care company, I signalled to her if she wanted some drinks and she nodded her head in response, I excused her and went in for a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. We left the party crowd and went to sit under a quite tree to enjoy our wine and have a little chit-chat since we couldn’t keep mute all night long

I took time to take a close look at the lady seated next to me and that was when I realised this very lady was also as hot as the Sunday afternoon sunshine in Tamale, as you already know the type of women Ken liked I need not explain to you how endowed the lady was but by far this lady had the biggest assets so far with all the ladies I have seen Ken with, funny enough she had a masculine voice which didn’t match with her appearance at all but she was a cool and lovely person. She introduced herself to me as Maabena Boaduwaa popularly known on campus as Jay Dee and was in her third year also reading Accounting like me, this revelation made our conversation very pleasant since she was having a lot of difficulty tackling a lot of the topics she was treating in her level, I threw light on most of the topics that made her to understand the topics in the simplest form.

Maabena excused herself to visit the washroom and the moment she left Ken called me to inform me that he won’t be coming back to the party again and also will be out of campus for the whole weekend so if I want company I should try my luck on the lady he left in my care, he stressed on the lady’s weakness and wished me well but before the line went off he promised to send me money via mobile money so I could take care of the lady and myself till he joined me on campus later Monday morning.

After the call Maabena came back and teasingly asked me if that was my girlfriend calling to checkup on me and know where I was and who I was with, I shyly told her I wasn’t having any relationship going on in my life and that as a matter of fact I had never been in a relationship before, I told her the lady I felt in love with for the first time was betrothed to some rich guy so I was now very single and willing to mingle if the need arises, she looked at me in an awkward manner to trace some contour of lies on my face but she ended up seeing sincerity and honesty in my voice and face.

She felt sad for me and told me she was also a betrothed lady to one rich alhaji who is in Dubai now and that the moment she completed her education she will be married to him and will join him there as the fifth wife of the man, I watched her in a surprised manner as this lady spoke without any regrets or pains in her voice or face. I asked her the reason why she accepted such marriage offer and she told me that if not with the help of the alhaji her father would have been in jail by now and her mother would have also been dead with a womb cancer, her elder brother is doing his masters degree in Canada courtesy this same alhaji, my younger brother is also reading petroleum engineering in a Russia university, whiles the last 2 girls have been sent to international boarding schools in this country.

The only thing the alhaji requested for in return for all this expensive favours was to marry me, even though I kicked against this request I sat myself down to analyse the matter and later gave in to the request of the alhaji, I took the decision to satisfy myself sexually now before I finally get married to this alhaji, moreover I was staying outside campus in a 3bedroom house with 3 luxurious cars at my disposal all provided by the alhaji, ever since I met him I have never lacked anything materially and even during the long vacation I usually travel to France or Italy for my shopping but we are human and that we also have our emotional demands, “BODY nor be FIREWOOD oooo”

*Is it good for parents to fix marriage for we their children in this 21st century?

*Do you see the actions of Maabena justifiable enough?

*What is the reason behind Tilly’s action as to why she wants to give out her virginity to someone freely and not to the betrothed guy she might be marrying?

Let’s get interactive with the questions above as we wait for the next episode to hit our screens

To be continued


  1. Hmmm, Nii please be careful. Tilly should be more than enough if you truly love her.

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