Nii Dromo Season 2 Episode 2


Tilly confessed to me that she had a boyfriend aside being with me, I was heart broken and disappointed with her but I kept calm to listen to everything she had to tell me. She told me that the reason why she requested for the secret relationship was simply because she had been betrothed to a guy who happens to be the son of her father’s business partner and friend, to her she had never loved the guy not even for a minute, I asked why and she told me it was because of his rude and bossy attitude towards others, he spoke to people anyhow and that alone was the reason why she didn’t want to settle down with him.

Tilly poured her heart out to me and cried like a child who had misplaced money that she has been sent with for it to get missing, I asked her why then did she come into my life if she was already having a man in her life?

All she could tell me was that, I was the reason why she could come out of her bed everyday, she saw in me the spirit of peace and joy, she claimed the way I even spoke to her alone always brought to her life a rejuvenating hope every single minute of her life. She pleaded with me not to turn my back on her at this difficult moment of her life and that she needed time to sort things out with her father and that guy, she told me I was the only person in this world who she would like to disvirgin her even if we could never settle down as man and wife in the near future and that she will continue to sponsor me with the gifts and money she has been giving me.

She kissed me and honestly I couldn’t resist her kiss, the touch of her lips alone was enough to bring an impotent man back to potency, the smell of her skin was a fragrance so pleasing to the nose that I had never smelt that perfume from any other person before, her lips was so tender and sweet that I didn’t want to let go not even for a second, we kissed like there was no tomorrow for us and in the process Tilly whispered to me for us to have a quickie in the dark, she pulled her pant down from her short straight white dress she was wearing and turned her back for me to attack from behind, I also dropped my trouser and boxer and was about to drill her goldmine when I heard voices and footsteps coming towards our direction.

We quickly dressed up so we will not be caught by the people approaching us, as soon as we dressed up the people bumped into us, it was Ken again, this time with another young guy who came to our direction, by that very moment my manhood was so erected that if we were at a place with a brighter light I would have been embarrassed and disgraced big time.

The guy spoke first and in a very rude manner, he asked Tilly what she was doing in the dark all alone with a low life person like me, Tilly wanted to reply him but Ken quickly responded before his sister spoke because he knew if she did, everyone present will hear from us, he informed the guy that I was his best friend and Tilly was like a younger sister to me so the was no cause for alarm, the guy requested to leave our presence with Tilly because he had something to surprise her with,

Tilly was adamant to leave with him because she said we were in the middle of a serious discussion and that we came to this dark and quite place because there was too much noise at the party grounds, I pleaded with Tilly for long to go with him and that we will continue the discussion later.

As they left our presence Ken told me that, the guy was betrothed to his sister and that he was in the same school with us reading law and was a year ahead of Tilly in the school’s faculty of law department, Ken told me he didn’t like him either but I believe he had no option than to pretend to be cool with the guy since his father was the orchestral behind all this nonsense.

I was shocked because I knew in the 21st century things were done differently and that the views and feelings for people had to be respected and not trampled upon, Ken nodded his head but how many people could reject an offer from a multi billionaire like the guy’s father.

The guy I was told was called Samuel Ewusi Acheampong and he was the only child of Chief Acheampong one of the bank rollers of this country who had his businesses scattered across the globe.

Interesting times ahead my dear readers.

To be continued


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