Nii Dromo Season 2 Episode 1


I kept to my side of the promise by staying faithful and committed to Tilly, in return she changed my life on campus to the admiration of everybody who knew me when I started school, I wore the best fashion designer clothes, shoes and watches not forgetting the expensive perfumes that I put on to class

Ken got a bit suspicious of her sister’s sudden likeness towards me but again I jabbed him with another expensive lie that he believed me, I told him I have been assisting his sister with her project work in Business Law, since I was good academically Ken had no single doubt about what I said and moreover he knew his sister had eyes for big boys and not a broke a-s guy like me. I further told him that yes his sister had been sponsoring me with my clothing because she claimed some of her friends teased her anytime they saw me around her so she decided to rebrand my appearance, Ken upon hearing this nodded his head and told me how lucky I was because to be honest his sister didn’t like me in the first place so if now she sees me as a “friend” or “brother” then its all in the right direction and moreover it will take a little financial assistance burden from his shoulders.

Fast approaching was Tilly’s birthday and for me I had been thinking of what to get for her which will be well accepted by her, I know I wasn’t rich enough to buy her any expensive gift so I had to think outside the box just to come out with a brilliant idea, I was lying on my bed one hot Sunday afternoon when an idea popped up and for once I think I got it right, indeed the pillow is the best advisor and companion when it comes to idea giving. The plan was to draw a very nice portrait picture of Tilly and frame it so I present it to her as a birthday present, now what was left of me was to get her best picture I had in my possession and start work on it immediately,

I wanted to express myself well through my artwork that I will submit on her birthday. All this while some of Tilly’s friends had started making advances towards me and were saying all manner of things about themselves to me, everyone who came to me had something nasty to say to me about her friend, I was shocked and surprise because I taught it was only guys who did this backbiting things to their friends but surprisingly it was coming from this ladies and not just any ladies but this very beautiful and sophisticated once.

I now understood the jargon “fine boy nor dey pay” very well, because everyone was promising me heaven and earth if only I was ready to start an intimate affair with them,

“hmmmmmmm those who were shouting praise the Lord were the same people who screamed crucify him”.

This same people who teased Tilly anytime they see us together are now passing behind her to ask me for an affair or were they playing pranks on me? Was Tilly part of this setup or her friends had their own private agenda personally? Well I wasn’t the materialistic person who would fall for the cheap offers the friends of Tilly were boasting about, also I wasn’t the player type of guy. My policy was simply

“One man, One woman” and I was very content with my Tilly because she fitted in my kind of woman and I never had an eye or desire for any other girl on campus.

I took my time and drew one of Tilly’s all time favourite pictures and framed it without even hinting on it to Ken, I wanted to take everyone by surprise. Gradually the day we all looked forward to came and no stone was left unturned, the party was a strictly by invitation event with a lot of this beautiful maidens from my school and other tertiary school students joining us at the party grounds, Ken had alerted me already that he will not becoming back to the hostel with me till the week ends because he is sure he’s going to land for himself a new bae so I should also make wild and grab one of the ladies for the weekend.

I presented my gift to the birthday girl and she asked for me to have a private chat with her in one corner of the party venue, as we got to a place where we were the only people there, Tilly went down on her knees to ask for the forgiveness for what she was about to disclose to me but first she requested for me to promise not to turn my back on her or even take hatred against her when she opens up to me. At this time I was very confused and afraid also at the same time

What at all does Tilly want to tell Nii Dromo that she can’t find appropriate words to spill it out to him easily, besides are they not in a secret relationship already?

Find that secret in the episode that will drop soon!!!!!

To be continued


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