Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 25


“Sir, I think this is a trap” Ken blurted out.

“Yes it is. But we are gonna take them by surprise. Team Alpha and Team bravo, get ready. Sam, Ken, Evans and Lucy get ready. on Sunday, we capture the president” Elvis said cracking his knuckles all together.

Sunday {Bloody Sunday}
Natasha’s uncle had lost the track of time. He was deeply worried and sometimes he do cry thinking of Natasha. He hadn’t known the person that kidnapped him or why he was kidnapped.

All that he knew was that he was tied to a chair and was given food daily. He had tried talking to the thugs that do come in to feed him but none was ready to talk to him or even give him answers.

Yet, he prayed for Natasha’s safety
frequently. His only hope for now was the SHADOWS

Natasha couldn’t tell the exact day they were because she hadn’t gone out of her room. She knew her chance of survival is 15 per cent. Her last hope was the Five Squad team and deep inside her, she prayed that they
have noticed her absence and have started doing some investigation towards it.

She remembered her uncle and couldn’t help but cry. She knew her uncle will be worried sick about her. She closed her eyes and prayed for herself and her uncle.

“Sir, are you ready” Froshberry said to Donflex entering inside his office.

“Ready for what?” Donflex asked.

“Today is Sunday, the meeting” Froshberry said and they bursted into a round of laughter at his joke. They had already planned that they will not be going for the meeting. They will send a representative for the safety of the president.

“Have you gotten a good place for the meeting?” Froshberry asked.

“Yeah, we will use site B. The warehouse close to Clinton’s hotel. The site is big, there’s even a garden and a relaxation spot in it.”

“Have you dispatch our men there?” Donflex asked.

“Yes sir”

Just then the telephone rang and Donflex picked it up.

“Why haven’t you set a place for the meeting?” The same broad voice that he recognized on Friday spoke out.

“I have, let us use the hotel close to Mercury and Mars plaza” Donflex said and Froshberry was dumbfounded.

“What is Mr president doing?” He thought to himself.

“No, we won’t use there” The voice said “we will be moving into a trap”

“So what do you suggest?”

“We use Herdex hotel and suite close to shoprite” The voice spoke out.

“No, that is walking into your own trap, it’s better we shift it from your place to, to site B. The one close to Clinton’s hotel. It’s fifteen minutes drive from where you picked”

“Alright Mr President, but are you still coming?”

“Yes of course”

“See you soon, bye” The voice said and ended the call.

“Wow, that’s a wise stunt you just pulled out there” Froshberry said to Donflex as Donflex was through with the call.

“Yes, I have observed this type of people before and I think I know them pretty well. Go and get Agent S and the made men ready. I want to hear good news”

“Yes sir ” Froshberry said standing up and leaving Donflex office.

Base, Five Squad team.
“The president is set and he is coming to site B where the meeting will take place. Team Alpha and Bravo, Sam, Ken, Lucy and Evans. Go dress up and pick your favorite weapon.”

“Sir, I think it’s better you stay and let us go, who knows if Donflex is even coming?” Lucy said to Elvis.

“He will come. I am not a coward to hide, I am going with my guys. Common let’s go” Elvis said leading the way.


Elvis and his field agents were the first to get to site B. Elvis had dropped Agent Josh, team Alpha and Bravo some meters away
from the site.

He also gave them a little device as he took an emergency call wristwatch. The wristwatch had a button under and if he press it, Agent Josh will get his call for help.

Elvis and his agents surveyed everywhere. The place looked quiet and serene.

“I don’t know how long we have to wait for the president to show up” Sam spoke out.

“Cool down Sam. It’s even better like this” Elvis spoke out “since they are not here, we should study the environment closely and know the best escape route in case things goes sour”

“You are right boss” Lucy spoke out “but do you think they will nicely hand over Natasha?”

“I can’t say much for now. Let’s concentrate on surveying this place” Elvis commanded and they obeyed.

8 minutes later.
Three black Jeeps drove inside the site. They parked closed to where they saw five people standing.

The Made Men were the first to come out before Agent S who came down with them and walked towards Elvis leaving their cars behind.

Elvis and his team also had their cars behind them and they watched keenly as the six huge guys approach them.

The made men stood back and Agent S came forward.

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“I am Agent S and I will like to speak to your boss” Agent S said introducing himself first.

“I am Elvis” Elvis said introducing himself “where’s Mr President?”

“You are under arrest. For plotting evil against the country and the president. We won’t like any trouble so we obliged with you to come with us peacefully.”

“But that isn’t what we bargained for, where’s Mr president” Elvis asked again not worried about what the agent before him was saying.

“You don’t expect the president to walk into a plot against his life, come with us you’re under arrest”

“This meeting is over, common let’s go” Elvis said to his agents and they turned to leave.

“Not on my watch” Agent S said bringing out his silver pistol from his pocket. He gave the Made Men the signal and they followed

Elvis and his men heard the coc.king of their guns in time and they ran straight diving towards the other side of their cars for cover.


They shot but missed. Elvis gave the signal, his agents all brought out their guns while Evans took a bazooka which he kept beneath the car.

“Fire!!!!” Elvis shouted and they sprayed their bullets on the Made Men but to their surprise, it didn’t enter them and they remained unmove.

“They are wearing bullet proof vest, Evans now” Elvis shouted and Evans stood up launching his bazooka towards them.

“In coming!!!” Ken shouted and they all did a barrel roll.


The rocket from the bazooka got the Jeeps brought by the made men and it caught up in flames.

Evans wasn’t done, he quickly reloaded his bazooka and fired again. The explosion this time got the Made men and Agent S flying

“All units fall in” Lex spoke into a little device with him.

Evans kept reloading his bazooka as Sam, Lucy and Ken brought out other heavy weapons and started shooting sporadically.

“We have got them. Team Alpha and Bravo, fall in” Elvis commanded.