Nii Dromo Season 1 Episode 9


I was blown away with the question Tilly asked me as to whether I was dating or not, I told her all my life I had never ever been in a relationship before because they say monkeys always played by sizes but unfortunately for me I always fell in love with the wrong people. Tilly stared at me with utmost surprise and told me to break my statement down to a layman’s understanding,

I told her that I had eyes for beautiful things but in this modern world beautiful things were expensive to own, she still didn’t get my explanation so I told her that the very first lady I felt in love with was from a very influential family and that I even feared to approach her to voice out my very feelings towards her. Tilly felt pity for me when she heard my statement because she saw some sort of sincerity in my voice, she asked if this lady in question was on in my neighbourhood, campus, my class, any of the hostels around or even anyone she knew of?
With my shyness I stood up and went to the washroom, when I came back from the washroom Tilly was seated on my bed going through my phone, she saw some pictures of her that I had stolen from her brother’s phone and edited with photogrid with some love words to match, she was so much into the picture editing that she didn’t notice my presence when I came out from the washroom and for me I also got scared Tilly would be mad at me because I knew I hadn’t taken any permission from her before designing her pictures with love words, my greatest worry was how I was going to defend myself when Ken gets to know of my unforgivable blunder.

I cleared my throat to make her feel my presence and when she did, her earlier question she asked me was repeated to me once again, I fumbled with words as my courage had reduced to a negative percentage in my system. Tilly asked me if I had a crush on her or whether I was stalking her? The voice from which the question came from didn’t look friendly to me so I had to immediately go on my feet and apologise to her before explaining myself to her, I started by asking for her forgiveness and that she should please keep her findings a secret away from her brother because if he got to know I have been stealing pictures of his younger sister on his phone he might be very angry with me and would never forgive me or share anything he has with me.

As I was going about asking for forgiveness from Tilly she joined me on the floor and gave me a kiss on my forehead, she requested for me to to look her in the eyes and tell her the truth as to whether I was in love with her or not? I mastered courage to answer her in the affirmative way and after my answer came out to her I was privileged for the very first time in my miserable life to receive an angelic but romantic kiss from Tilly, the kiss was so tender and passionate that I felt all my cells in my system melting down for it to be remoulded again later by my maker. Her lips was so soft like a new baby’s lips and sweet like a fresh Kwahu palm wine tapped by Agya Ofori Atta in my village where I come from, to add icing to the cake she took her dress off and right in front of me stood a guitar like shape all alone with her in the room, she held the nob at the back of her bra and released her twin towers to my view, my God, Tilly was a perfect description of a mermaid goddess, her b—-t were heavy but very firm on her chest with very beautiful pointers posing as her n—–s. I had said about 15 different thanksgiving prayers to God within a matter of 3minutes, what I again was saying in my head is that if what am witnessing was a dream then I wish I never ever woke up from my sleep, she asked me if I liked what I was seeing and foolishly I nodded my head like an agama lizard who was about to attack some ants in a rotten firewood.

She signalled me to come closer and by this time the man in between my legs was so angry and wild that he wanted to tear my boxer and khaki trouser just to come out and devour Tilly, in my head I was asking God as to how wonderful he could be sometimes and that if he was going to grant permission for me to change my oil He didn’t give me any of those monkey like girls in my village but rather this heaven sent angel.

I grabbed her twin towers and started squeezing it gently, thanks to Ken he had given me series of lectures as to how to handle a woman or lady in foreplay section

To be continued


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