Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Prologue


My name is NATASHA. A young and innocent girl that lived in Nigeria, port Harcourt to be
Donflex, the owner of Flex empire, a wicked, ruthless and heartless young man was feared by all citizens in Nigeria including
politicians and other big business men.
He was a former military ruler but was chased out of the military force when he almost send an atomic bomb to kogi state
because of a minor clash between two cultist.
After he was chased out of the military, he made sure he stole enough guns, bombs
and huge amount of money.
With this, he started building his empire.
He got assassins and soldiers from all the corners of Nigeria. He got great and skillful computer engineers/scientist that worked
under him. Before three years, he became mighty and undefeatable.
Noone knew his plans, becoming a president. He engaged his scientist (including my dad) on a project called the MADE MEN. The project was to enhance and
create five soldiers, soldiers that were stronger, faster and tougher than the greatest, fastest and toughest assassins on earth.
In no time the five MADE MEN were created. Soon enough, he began to plan an attack on
the president. Unfortunately for my dad, he heard everything and ran out of the empire.
Donflex knew that if my dad should say anything, his plans will be ruined so he sent the MADE MEN after our family.
Luckily, my uncle has informed his friend, captain Val, the commander of the SHADOW
AGENTS that base in Australia.
Captain Val kept two top SHADOW AGENTS, Idris and Konami to watch over us. However
a battle started between the SHADOWS against THE MADE MEN.
The MADE MEN were five in number so they outnumbered the SHADOWS that were two.
Thanks to Akuku, who saved me, Idris and Konami but couldn’t save my parents.
My parents were later killed by Donflex including my uncle. That year was a black year for me.
Meet me again, Natasha, I was cool, lovely, nice and an easy going girl. I could
remember vividly well my number wish, to become a model, but that has changed because now, I am ready to use anything within my power to bring down donflex.