Nii Dromo Season 1 Episode 8


As I got back to the hostel Ken was awake and he busted into a loud laughter with the way I was looking so dirty, he asked if I got myself involved in a fight which had rendered me so dirty early in a Monday morning? I lied to him without telling him the real cause behind me been so dirty because I knew if I told him his sister was the reason why I was so dirty hell was going to break loss with the 2 siblings so I forged a story for Ken.

Ken made fun of me before he left the room for his lecture, I soaked my white shirt in a detergent and went to sleep, in my sleep I had a dream about Ken’s sister apologising to me with some new clothes and after that asked me to join her out on a date, we were really having so much fun that people around the venue we were couldn’t take their eyes off us, I was about to kiss her when I heard my mobile phone ringing. I opened my eyes only to see it was Ken calling my phone, oooooooh Ken why did you choose to call me around this time that i was about to receive my biggest reward in my dream was what I said before answering the car, he asked if I was still at the hostel, his sister said she wanted to come and relax at our room because her friends were making so much noise in her room, I told him I was still in the room so she can pass by and when I checked the clock on the wall I saw it was already 1pm, gosh I had really slept for long.

In about 15minutes time I heard a knock on my door and I went to open the door, as expected it was Ken’s sister, the same lady I was about kissing in my dreams some short while ago but the strange thing was that she was wearing the same dress I saw her in my dream and honestly she was looking radiantly beautiful, I don’t know if she was taking in some sort of beautification pills because her beauty always kept rising in my sight anytime I set sight on her.

I ushered her in by helping her with the designer bag she was holding in her hands, I gave her a seat and offered her water as she made herself comfortable in the plastic chair I gave her, after taking the water in a hybrid way she started to apologise to me for what happened in the morning, she told me the reason why she didn’t even say thank you was because she was afraid the car would stop working again and also because she was also getting late for the quiz ahead of her, I was somehow disappointed with her actions but I kept it away from her because I knew if I exhibited any form of anger towards her she would never come close to me again.

She again knelt before me and again I helped her onto her feet, her body was as soft as a fresh bread that was just taken out from the oven, as she got up and stood in front of me I wished she was my girlfriend so I could go an extra mile by planting a romantic kiss on her lips, the fragrance of her perfume alone was so sweet and passionate, I would never in my entire life forget the smell of her perfume as I was now dumbfounded, I wanted to say something to her but words were to expensive for me to buy and use.

She saw how hard I was finding it to release words for her hearing, she introduced herself to me for the very first time as Tilly Koranteng and afterwards spoke a MYSELF about her for me, later she brought out a bowl from her bag which contained a home made food she had prepared to share with me, i think her coming was a well planned one.

As she opened the bowl I realised it was my favourite Yam and vegetable sauce mixed with canned beef and eggs. The aroma alone was enough to get me satisfied and I wished the taste will be as nice as the one who prepared it, as the first scoop went into my mouth my aggression and intensity for the meal heightened, the food was as sweet as whatever you think is the sweetest thing in the world.

Tilly herself saw that my mouth was really showing appreciation to the meal she brought and she told me she would be secretly preparing meals for me to come and eat as time went on, they say sweet things doesn’t last long because in no time we had finished doing a closing ceremony for Tilly’s food.

After eating Tilly requested to know me better even though she had a lot of information about me she preferred to hear it from my own lips and of which I did her the honor by telling her everything she needs to know about me, she listened to me with an undivided attention as I told her about my family history, when my story came to an end she asked me if I was dating?

So what happens when the fufu you want to swallow falls in the soup in front of you? Do you throw it away or you cover it with a lot of soup before swallowing it? This was a question for a logical thinker!!!

To be continued