Nii Dromo Season 1 Episode 7


As I said earlier, my dressing appearance was planned the day before Monday, because it rained heavily the previous night I decided to wear one of the lovely long sleeve shirts Ken bought for me. I chose a blue black khaki trouser and a plain white DEW Collection shirt which made me look so lovely and radiant as I watched myself in a mirror, I said a prayer for Ken before leaving the room as he was very fast asleep. Everyone who came across me gave me a second look which gave me the affirmation that I was looking extra handsome that morning, out on the streets leading to campus a speeding car passing by fell in a pothole and as a result splashed the dirty water in the pothole all over me, I was drenched with muddy water and the annoying part of it was that, the occupant of the car didn’t stop to even apologise to me for the dirty water he or she has splashed on me. I wanted to go back to my hostel and change but my instincts told me to chase after the car and deal rigidly with the occupants, as if by miracle the car seized to work some few meters away from where I stood drenched in the muddy water.

I took to my heals and in no time I was a stone throw away from the car, I wanted to pounce on the driver and give him a beating of his life the moment I got to where he was, I said he because I knew a female will not have that kind of evil intention where she would splash water on you and not stop to apologise or make amends, I got to the car angrily opened the door to bring the driver out and to my utmost surprise it was a lady, not just any lady but that very angel who kept appearing in my dreams. It was Ken’s little sister, my anger vanished at that very moment and she in return had to come down from the car bend on her knees and started apologising to me in a very remorseful way that I even felt bad myself, can I bear her any grudges? Hell no I helped her unto her feet and asked her not to worry since her brother was like a brother to me also. Inside my head I was the happiest person on this planet with such an angelic personality kneeling and standing before me apologising to me, she told me she went to her friends party the previous night and because of the rain she couldn’t return and she overslept but when she woke up she realised she slept outside campus and had a quiz to write this morning, her mindset was to beat time by rushing to her hostel to freshen up before going to class but she couldn’t so she was rushing to her lecture hall to finish with the quiz before she goes back to her hostel to freshen up but her current car wouldn’t permit her.

I asked what the problem was as if I was a mechanic or expert in car repairing but she said she didn’t know the problem, she said she was finding it difficult to start the car after it hit the pothole, I asked her to press the button which releases the bonnet of the car, I opened the bonnet and realised that one of the terminals holding the car battery had removed, I smiled and said to myself that today I will make myself a hero in your life before leaving here.

I went back to her in her driver’s seat and told her I will fix her car for her in some few minutes, I asked if she had any tools in the car and she told me there were a few in the trunk, I signalled her to open the trunk but she should stay in her seat since she will be doing something for me behind the steering. I brought out the wheel spinal and some screwdrivers and went back to the bonnet, I hit some part of the engine with the wheel spinal before putting back the terminal to the battery, I picked a stone from the ground and hit the terminal of the battery with it so it will be fixed tightly on the battery. I told her to start the car and like magic the car started wonderfully, I closed the bonnet and took the wheel spinal and the screwdrivers back to the trunk, as I shut the trunk of the car, this lady moved the car without even saying a word or even thank you to me for your assistance. I felt bad and cheated upon but what could I say, elders say “when the trap catches the animal it cries different and when it escapes also it cries differently”, judging from the time it was no use going to class again that morning because the lecturer in class will definitely walk me out of the class so I decided to go back to my hostel and nurture my pains and sorrows for that morning peacefully.

To be continued


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