Nii Dromo Season 1 Episode 6


As we entered the room were met her roommate naked, I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, we were caught by surprise as we stared at Ken’s girlfriend roommate without even blinking our eyes, Ken’s girlfriend screamed at her to find something to put on before she got anger with her, I believe she did that because she knew what her boyfriend was capable of doing, her roommate was a light skin person with little round pointed b—-t, very curvy even than Ken’s girlfriend and what got me crazy was how she had design the hair on her private part.

I couldn’t stand the heat again so I told Ken I would like to wait for him outside, on my way I met this nice looking girl who stared at me and gave me a faint smile, I passed by her and turned my back only to see her standing and looking at me, I ignored her and went out of the hostel smiling to myself for one stupid reason. I believe you want to know the reason so I will tell you without hiding it away from you, back at Kwahu I taught I had seen the most beautiful girls ever on this planet but my stay on this campus for less than 12hours has taught me that those girls were no where compared to the beautiful damsels on this campus, I don’t know if the school authorities did a facial and body check on the ladies before they were admitted into the school.

I remembered to call my mum again and as I tried her line this time around it went through, I called her for continous 4times before she answered, I think she was fast asleep but as she heard my voice her tone changed to a happy one, she was a bit worried and through worrying, sleep stole her to dreamland,

“who said the eyes knew sorrow…………. if you aren’t feeling sleepy you claim you don’t have anywhere to sleep”, I narrated my sad encounter with the thieves I met earlier on and the timely intervention from the new guardian angel I came across, I further told her about my new roommate and the sophisticated phone this guy gave to me for free, my mum asked where Ken got all the things he was sharing with me and I told her Ken was from a rich background so everything he was sharing with me is purely genuine. She felt touched and wished to speak with Ken so she could show her heartfelt appreciation for everything this young man had done and will be doing for me, I told her Ken was not available at the moment and in due course she will get the opportunity to speak to him and tell him everything she wishes to say to him, she agreed and said a prayer for me again before the line went off.

Ken came out from the hostel with a polythene bag in his hand, I offered to help him hold it but he declined and told me not to worry, he asked of my general view on his girlfriend and of which I gave a broad smile. I told him even at night I could see the lady’s beauty was one in a million, she was very endowed with the physique of a real Ghanaian woman and best of all very soft spoken and sexy, lastly I told him I envied the kind of reception his woman received us with especially the romantic kiss that was given to him.

Ken laughed out loud and told me that what I saw was just a tip of the iceberg and from the way I spoke and carried myself about he could decode that I was not having a girlfriend, I shyly nodded my head and Ken told me not to worry at all, he promised to hook me up with one of the pretty ladies on campus. Before I forget Ken was in his second year reading medicine, he was the chief member of the school parliament and aside the difficult nature of his course he always had time to catch fun with the ladies and some hostel mates when necessary.

We got back to our hostel and Ken brought out what was in the polythene bag, as suspected it was home made vegetable stew and in less than 5seconds the aroma of the stew had taken over the room. Ken placed the stew in the fridge and told me to feel free to use anything of his in our room and that we are now brothers and not friends or roommate anymore, we had a long hearty chat throughout the night before we retired to bed.

Fast forward……………..

We the freshers went through matriculation and serious academic business took full swing on we the students, buying of pamphlets and doing project works was the order of the day. Since they say a golden fish has no hiding place in the fishpond I got recognised by every member of my class and the different lecturers who came in and out of my class. I helped a lot of my mates with things they had less idea about anytime we closed from lecture, some of the lazy guys paid me to do their assignments and quizzes for them and the monies I received from them helped stimulate my dependence on Ken and I was very happy for that because I was not happy always bothering him with my basic needs.

It rained very heavily one Sunday night till 3am the following day, that weekend Ken went home and when coming back he did some clothing shopping for me, I had my look for the next day planned in my head and on the following day on my way to class something happened.

If you want to know please make a date with me in the next episode that hits the screens of your mobile phone and computer for more light on what happened to me

To be continued