Nii Dromo Season 1 Episode 5


That evening Ken fed me with the food he brought from his sister’s end, in fact that food had every delicious taste present in it, from the ginger spicing to the pepper level straight to the salt content and back to the finishing chemistry of the food, honestly the cook was a pro and I didn’t mind eating that same food for the rest of my life. Ken saw that I really was into the meal that he teasingly asked me if I was okay, I couldn’t hide my utmost delight in the food he had given to me. He laughed and told me that this was a tip of the iceberg, he told me to look forward for more mouth watering delicacy from the kitchen of his sister and numerous girlfriends, from the look of things I could deduce that Ken was from a very rich background but he was very friendly and humble, he was easy going, affable, soft spoken, kind hearted, jovial and also a very handsome person.

After the evening meal he pleaded with me to take a walk with him to campus and of which I complied, I also wanted to know the corners of the school and all the hostels so that my movement on campus could be swift and easy. It seemed Ken was already a popular person because almost every guy and lady we came across at our hostel shouted his name, we first passed by the hostel cafeteria to get some drinks first before we went to campus, as we took our drinks Ken took the opportunity to ask for more details about me and I openly told him everything about me without hiding any secret away from him, he felt pity for me and promised to assist me in every little way he could.

He also told me about himself and that of his younger sister and how her friends have been pestering with his life all in the name of love, he said he saw almost all of them as gold diggers who were after his family wealth and his fine boy looks. He told me that he also didn’t spare them at all when they made sexual advances towards him because to him the biggest insult a woman could give to a man was ” WHAT WERE YOU ABLE TO DO TO ME WHEN I CAME TO YOUR ROOM or SLEPT ON YOUR BED FOR A WHOLE NIGHT”.

Since all the female friends were rushing to have a piece of him, he also gave it to them in a very hard way, there had been countless times where he even had a crush when he was busily banging some of the ladies, it always resulted in a fight or brawl but for him he cared less. He pleaded with me to be a spy and cover up anything I was with him and for that he would always reward me for my services, I told him not to worry because since he had my back, I also had his solidly like a body lotion on the body. He paid for the drinks and we left the cafeteria, as we got to the basket ball court he told me to wait behind as he wanted to get his small phone from his car, he walked to a black Toyota Venza and pressed on a remote which unlocked the door of the car.

He came back and asked us to continue with our evening stroll, on the way I pleaded with him to borrow me his phone so I called my mum and inform her of my safe trip to my new school, Ken was surprised with my request and asked where my phone was? I told him that the only phone I ever owned had to be sold to foot my bills back at the senior high school when I went in for my results slip and testimony. Ken felt sad for me, he brought a phone out from his b—-t pocket, took his sim card and memory card out and handed over to me a Samsung galaxy S3 phone which he told me to keep as my personal phone, I was astonished and I stared at him sheepishly for the mind blowing and wonderful things this young man had been doing for me in just a few hours of coming across him.

He made us branch to a nearby credit vendor and purchased a sim card and recharge card for me and encouraged me to call my mum, I tried my mum’s line for some time but the network wasn’t connecting. We got to the main campus where he also made a call to someone I guess was a lady, the person directed us to his or her current location, as we got to the exact location I realised it was a female that Ken called because it was an overall female hostel. He called the lady again and she came out to meet us, honestly Ken had good preference for women because this lady was gorgeously beautiful with her curvy body and heavy artilleries in front and behind her.

She gave me a friendly hug whiles she gave Ken a kiss right in front of me, she asked us to follow her and the things I saw inside the hostel were unbelievable, some of the ladies were half naked and I couldn’t take my eyes off what I was seeing. I for the very first time yearned for a lover so I could also enjoy what Ken was already enjoying, the lady ushered us into her room and as we entered we got a surprise we least expected.

To be continued