Nii Dromo Season 1 Episode 4


The guy who helped me by paying my fare also alighted at the same bus stop with me, I went close to thank him again for his timely intervention on my behalf inside the bus earlier on, he smiled at me and told me not to worry about that and that he believed I would have probably done same if I were in his shoes. He further asked me where I was heading to and of which I told him exactly where I was going and my mission to Accra, he laughed out loud with the way I explained myself and told me he was also heading towards my direction but first he had to pick something from his younger sister at a different hostel and since I was a fresh student on campus we might bump into each other again. He advised me to be more careful with my movement and the people I mingle with so that what happened to me today won’t repeat itself again, I thanked him and we parted ways.

I walked to my hostel carrying my Ghana must go bags, feeling sad and cursing those guys in my head, half way through my journey to the hostel I remembered my mother’s favourite quotation which goes like “IN ALL THINGS GIVE THANKS TO GOD”, I smiled and said to myself how do I thank God when He watched me and never prompted me when those thieves were robbing me of the little money I was going to feed on till I receive some little money transfer from my mother again. I heard a voice in my head telling me not to be ungrateful to my maker because at least I got an angel in the form of a man to help savage the ordeal that befell me when I was robbed, the voice told me again to cast my mind on Moses and the Israelites on the dessert.

Eventually I got to my hostel of residence and I went straight to the hostel reception to get the keys to my new room, the man at the reception told me that the room was going to be occupied by 2people and that my roommate might join me any time soon so I shouldn’t go far with the keys he had handed over to me, I thanked him and went in search of the room number on the key holder of the keys in my hands. I located my room on the third floor of the huge six storey building, I unlocked the door and entered my room to make myself comfortable and feel at home since that was going to be my place of residence for the next 4years should everything go well for me, honestly I loved what I saw in my new room, the place was spacious with a flat screen tv, an inner kitchen, toilet and bath plus an outer balcony where you could take fresh air or hang your clothes after washing, no wonder I heard this hostel was one of the most expensive hostels on campus, thanks to my benevolent sponsors I was going to enjoy the privilege of staying at such a place.

After I packed my belongings to the wardrobe, bookshelf and cupboard I decided to take a little nap, I woke up with a lot of noise in my ears to see some other people in my room chatting and laughing out loud. The guy who helped pay my fare earlier on was the same guy in my room now, I was surprised with his presence in the room so I asked him if he was the roommate I was told about earlier on by the man at the reception and of which he nodded his head in an amazed way. He introduced himself to me since we didn’t do that earlier as we spoke, his name was Kennedy Koranteng a Medical student in his second year and the other persons in the room were 3females, he said one of them was her younger sister and the other 2ladies were friends of her sister.

I also introduced myself as Steven Nii Dromo and that am an Accounting student, apparently one of them had gone out to receive a phone call, I turned to greet the other ladies, their faces looked very familiar to me but I couldn’t recollect where exactly I knew their faces from, the door opened and I received a shocker of my life. The person who entered the room was no one but that angel I stole a glance of that rendered me as a clown the other day at the registration hall as she entered she quickly told her friends to come out and meet someone downstairs, she didn’t grant me the opportunity to even say Hi or a word to her or any of her friends.

Immediately I remembered the other 2ladies as the uncivilised and uncultured ladies who laughed at me as if I was a comedian, I ignored the 2other ladies and my attention once again drifted to the beautiful damsel, in fact I had a vivid picture of her stored in my mind, I said to myself that I will draw a portrait of her and donate it to her as a token of appreciation to the handy work of God, before I forget I was also a very good painter who could draw and paint perfectly but all my life it was the passion of Accounting that was my dream job, for the drawing I think it was an extra talent God gifted me with, I painted as a hobby at my leisure time

To be continued


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