Nii Dromo Season 1 Episode 3


The ladies passed by gesturing and giggling about me and my flaws that morning, I later saw my angel bring a remote control out of her pocket to unlock a very nice white SUV car parked under a tree close to where I was standing, she took her seat behind the steering whiles her friends joined her in the various seat, she carefully revised the car and drove off in a grand style. I watched the car move from my sight till it got out of sight, I walked to the hostel I was given to do my registration, I got there after seeking for assistance from some continuing students till I eventually got to the hostel, it was one of the ultra modern hostels in the school since all the hostels i passed by were not a match to where I stood, to my judgement the hostel had not been into existence for long.

I went over to the hostel reception to do my enquiries first before doing my registration, I got to know that my hostel of residence was one of the most expensive hostels on campus but to me I was covered by sponsorship insurance so that was at least my back case. After the registration I left the school campus back to Kwahu to go and prepare adequately for my stay in the school, by the time I got to my village my mum had something in stock for me, she had gone to sell her valuable Kente and Beads just to raise money to support my feeding and stay on campus. I was supposed to be happy but rather I felt bad and cursed the day my dad died because I knew I was from a sound background during my early age in life, death had not treated me fairly at all and to who ever who had a hand in my father’s death, I leave that person in the hands of karma to allocate his punishment to the person/persons behind his untimely death.

I had no option than to accept the money my mother had in her hands for me, she cried and told me to make her proud as I go to the university, she stressed on the issue of me doing my best, pass my exams, get a good paying job so I could come and support my younger siblings. I was a beckon of hope to them now, I had turned into an oasis in the dessert, I promised my mum that I will leave no stone unturned why because I knew my background and where I was coming from.

The day for me to return to school eventually came and as I was about to leave the house my mother gave me a Bible, she said that the Bible was given to her on her engagement ceremony between my late father and her, she had great respect and value for that very Bible since it was the only thing she had in her possession that always reminded her of my late father. She prayed a very lengthy prayer for me before I left the house, my younger siblings helped me to carry my Ghana must go bags and school bag to the main station, as we got to the station I immediately told my younger siblings to rush home because the sky was looking friendly.

As I bought my ticket and sat in the car the rain started raining heavily, as if magic some other people trooped in from nowhere filling the bus up, the bus moved straight to Accra and half way through the journey some places hadn’t even received a drizzle at all in their land. God been so good we got to Accra safely with the rain heavily raining, I went to seek refuge in a small corner where some guys were already standing, in about 35 to 40minutes the rain stopped and I decided to make way to the Madina-Adenta station to pick a car that will pass in front of the Legon university, I got myself in a car that was almost full with passengers, as I took my seat it was left with just one person to join so that the car could move and in less than a minute a guy joined, little did I know the guys standing at the corner I went to take refuge were thieves. My bag that contained the little money my mother gave me had been cut opened by one of them, the person didn’t even leave a pesewa behind for me to use for pure water, the word “welcome to Accra, the land of all manner of people” came into mind.

The conductor(mate) started taking his money and with this action I was dumbfounded, as it got to my turn I pleaded with the conductor to have mercy on me because my money had been stolen by some thieves, I even showed him the place the thief cut open but this conductor wasn’t having the time and patience to listen to the nonsense coming out of my mouth. He really abused me with harsh words, everyone in the car’s attention was drawn to me as at that time, for the second time in my life I felt stupid, I felt useless just because I couldn’t afford to pay my own transport fare which I knew it was not deliberate but who was going to believe me now that fraudsters were all over the place?

We are now leaving in a crazy world where tricksters and fraudsters were in abundance, words had escaped me that I couldn’t even stand to defend myself, the guy who sat by my side volunteered to pay my fare for me, even as he did that the conductor was still not done dry cleaning me with his insults. An elderly woman intervened on my behalf by telling the conductor to shut up since my bill had been taken care of, I thanked the guy and asked for God’s blessings upon his life, we got to the Legon bus stop and I got down but before I did the elderly woman who intervened on my behalf gave me her call card to call her when I was less busy.

To be continued