Nii Dromo Season 1 Episode 2


My mum after listening to the female lawyer hid to the advice and made us relocate to her hometown, her family didn’t receive us well because they were also kicking against my parents marriage from the start, but for the intervention of my mother’s uncle we would have been shown the way to the exist. We got a small room in the family house and a small land to start farming on it, my mum tried her hands on petty trading in addition to the farming she was doing.

As the elderly child I had to set a good track for my younger siblings to follow, my mum invested everything she had so I will get the very best in education. I passed my junior high school exams with distinction, luckily for me I got a scholarship from an NGO to sponsor my education all the way through the senior high school and university respectfully but my only problem was that the scholarship only took care of my school fees.

Along the line my younger brother got bitten by a poisonous snake which led to his sad death, I got admission to study Business at Abetifi Presbyterian Senior High School – Abetifi Kwahu where I excelled brilliantly all through my stay in the institution. The Presbyterian discipline that was bestowed in me really shaped my well being, I learnt to be tolerant, self motivated and to be a team player by all standards accepted by the society I will serve or live in, during my final year in the senior high school I got elected as the overall general prefect among my peers and academically I also helped my colleagues in the absences of tutors in the areas where they fell short

In no doubt during the final exams I was adjudged the overall best student not only in my school but the whole eastern region where my school was located. I did some small jobs as I completed senior high school so I could save a little before I gained admission into the university hopefully. God being so good, He smiled at me and my admission request was accepted and approved by the university authorities, I was given the dream course of my choice and that was Accounting.

I sent my admission letter to my sponsors so they could prepare for me fully when my time to report to school creeps in. Eventually the day came for all the fresh students to make payment of their fees at various banks and report to the school, we the freshers had to go through the registration process and it was in the queue to the registration office where I saw the most prettiest lady I have ever set sight on, in fact I watched this lady foolishly that when it got to my turn to be served at the registration the person behind me had to tap on my shoulder before I came back to myself, everyone around busted into laughter as I had made a fool out of myself.

The lady in question even felt embarrassed and ashamed for my insolent behaviour that morning, I went through my registration successfully and as I walked through the hall to take leave I was again received with this loud laughter from my fellow freshers. I overlooked their actions and walked out of the place, I went to stand in a shade to take a last glance at this pretty angel who has captivated my heart that morning just for me to make a fool out of myself in broad daylight in front of people. I believe I would be the talk of the week when school resumed fully but who cares, I was only appreciating the good handy work of the almighty God because this to me is the very first time I had taken a closer and vivid look at someone from the opposite s-x.

I stood at that place close to an hour and this very lady was not coming out, my patience was also running out because I had to go and do a new registration at the hostel I will be staying during my time in the school and also go back to my home town. As I was about giving up to take leave of the place I saw the young angel coming out of the registration hall accompanied by 3 other ladies, they were happily gesturing about God knows what and when they were getting to the place I was standing, one of the ladies drew the attention of the others to take a look at me. The other 3 ladies who were not as beautiful as my angel, she stared at me as if I was a clown and later busted into laughter but all this while my angel was calm and never partake in the childish attitude her “friends” were displaying