Never Despise Small Beginnings



  What was meant to be a ladies night out turned out to be a ladies retreat.

  It was more like a ritual for us to meet once every month to laugh off the stress of the month, dance our sorrows away, and strengthen the ties of our friendship.

  The excitement was building up until Yaa dropped the bomb shell. It was only when she spoke up that we understood why she had been a bit morose all evening.

  She met Frank.

  Ok, let me tell you about Frank.

  This guy was so crazy about Yaa when we were on campus. In fact he was head over heels in love with her. Their relationship started in level 100, both freshers. Frank was an A+ student, was handsome and had a great sense of humour,  but his pocket was mostly empty. He was that kind of person who couldn’t afford to buy course handouts and so had to wait for others to buy it so that he would beg them to make a photocopy. At the time, we used to laugh at Yaa that of all the many guys on campus why did she choose to date a “kofi broke man” who was taking her nowhere and didn’t even have a future.

  Yaa, being a beautiful girl had a lot of fine guys, who were loaded with cash asking her for dates, but because of Frank she turned them down. But we didn’t spare her, we persistently pressurised her until  she grudgingly decided to go on a date with Willie.

  Willie, also a student, had a lot going for him. His dad was the MD of one of the giant companies in the country, so money was no issue to him. Anytime he took Yaa out on a date meant there was going to be a “spreading spree ” which even extended to us.

  Willie finally asked Yaa to be in a relationship with him, she accepted, but did not have the guts to break up with Frank. So she kept it from him until one day when Frank found Yaa and Willie in an awkward position. You can guess what happened from there….

  It’s been four years now since we graduated from university,  only for Yaa to go for an interview and meet Frank face to face on the interview panel.
According to her, Frank had been invited as a consultant for that particular interview.

  In Yaa’s own words, she “froze”  as if she had seen a ghost, and wished the earth would open up to swallow her.

  “There he was right infront of me, with a ring on his ring finger, looking so handsome, with class, and from the way the people addressed him, he is a big man”….bemoaned Yaa.

  “I tried to leave immediately after the interview but because I was the last person, he caught up with me, as I walked out of the premises, and offered to give me a ride in his car”.

  “Oh my God, I was so ashamed and didn’t know whether to accept his offer or turn it down,  reluctantly I did. He told me that, right after school, an investor who had seen the talent and potential in him partnered with him to start a consultancy firm, and since the investor is currently not in the country, he is the head of the company. He’s also married with two children”

  “But look at me”, Yaa said bitterly.

  “I’m not getting any younger…I’m single, no fiance, and currently unemployed. If I had not broken up with Frank, I would have been his Mrs. what a stupid mistake I made”…. Yaa concluded.

  We felt bad,  because we were the ones who pushed Yaa to make that decision,  but the harm had already been done and there was no need crying over spilt milk.

  However,  the lesson was learnt; never to despise humble beginnings.

  My dear Sisters,  money is good but money is not everything. Don’t look down on a brother because there is nothing catchy about him today.

  Look out for a man with a purpose and vision, a man who is hardworking and committed to you, a responsible, caring and loving man, a man with Godly character, etc. and if he has money in addition to all these traits, all the better, but money should never be the foremost thing.

  Learn from Yaa’s mistake.

  “He had no dignity or beauty
to make us take notice of him.
There was nothing attractive about him,
nothing that would draw us to him”

Isaiah 53:2 b (GNT)

Credit: Facebook/Sister Sister